Will a Yamaha Rhino Fit in the Back of a Truck?

Side-by-sides are awesome to have but they are notoriously hard to transport, even if you have a truck and the Yamaha Rhino is no exception. If you have one and are worried about how to take it with you, have no fear. We have been there and have answers for you.

The average truck can not fit a Yamaha Rhino. Only long bed trucks will be able to safely haul one. The Rhino’s dimensions are 56″X108″, meaning that even with a long bed truck, the tailgate will need to be down to accommodate the Rhino.

Let’s talk about hauling your Yamaha Rhino!

What Trucks Will Work

As stated before, the best truck to haul a Yamaha Rhino is going to be a long bed truck.

However, there are many varieties of long bed trucks and some of the shorter ones may not be able to fit the Rhino. Basically, the longer your truck, the better when it comes to hauling a Rhino.

The Ford Extended Cab (65″X97″), the Ford Super Duty (68″X98″), or the Toyota T100 (61.5″X98″) are probably going to be the best at carrying the Rhino because they have some of the longest beds. If you would like to see which trucks have the longest beds, read our article here!

Unfortunately, regular and short bed trucks will not be able to fit a Yamaha Rhino. Even if you were to leave the tailgate down on a regular or short-bed truck, there is no way your Rhino will fit in the truck. There would be too much overhang and there is a good possibility that your Rhino would fall out in transport.

The Rhino is just too long to fit! Plus, with overhang laws, there is a pretty good chance you will be stopped and fined for having too much of your Rhino overhanging over the tailgate. Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of trucks and their dimensions to determine if you will be able to accommodate a Rhino in the bed of your truck.

If you have a truck that is unable to fit the Rhino in the bed of the truck, it would be better to buy or rent a trailer to carry the Rhino.

Your truck, regardless of bed size, will most likely be able to haul the Rhino in a trailer without any problems! Additionally, a trailer will be much safer than trying to fit the Rhino in your too-small truck. If you are looking into buying a trailer, click here to learn all about the best trailers to haul UTVs and ATVs, both similar to the Yamaha Rhino.

How Do I Haul The Rhino?

When loading your Rhino into your truck, it’s important to get the right ramps that will support your Rhino all the way into the bed of your truck. You will also need to get ramps long enough to load your Rhino without any problems, such as sliding. Once your Rhino is safely loaded into your truck, place it in park or put on the parking brake.

Wouldn’t want your Rhino to move in transport!

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The most important thing to worry about when hauling a Yamaha Rhino is making sure it is secure. Tying down your Rhino in your truck, or on your trailer, is going to prevent it from moving. If your Rhino moves in transport, it could become damaged, damage your truck, or, in the worst case, roll from the bed of your truck or trailer.

Before leaving, PLEASE CHECK THE STRAPS. This is especially important when you leave the tailgate down to accommodate the Rhino’s length.

When tying down your Rhino, tighten the straps so that there is no slack between the two points of tie-down. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT STEP. If there is any slack, your Rhino will definitely move around and cause damage to the Rhino and truck.

Ratchet straps are the best way to secure any type of off-road vehicle in your truck. If your tailgate is down, be sure to put a couple of straps around your Rhino in the rear where it rests on the tailgate. It would be simply awful if your Rhino were to slip out the back!

Be sure that your straps are not going to rub against any sharp edges.

Though your straps are thick, it will be very easy for your straps to rub against a sharp edge in transport and be cut. This will be extremely hazardous in transport. You will also need to tie down any extra strap. It’s not safe to have it flapping in the wind during transport.

If you are unsure how to tie down the extra strap, here is a handy video with two different methods:

You will need to have straps along the outside of the Rhino where it will be resting on the tailgate to prevent it from falling out or moving. Additionally, to prevent all of the Rhino’s weight from resting solely on the tailgate, which could cause major damage, lift up the rear of the Rhino and slide a jack stand or two under it.

Some suggest removing the bumper of the Rhino, but if you put the jack stands underneath it, you will be just fine!

Should I Be Worried About Weight?

When hauling a Rhino in the bed of your truck, you will not need to worry about the weight. The typical Rhino weighs around 1200 lbs. Most trucks will be able to haul this and more! Only if you are hauling additional things, like a trailer, dirt bikes, other gear, should you be worried about weight.

Your long bed truck will safely be able to carry a Yamaha Rhino with no problems.

If you are looking to haul other things in addition to your Rhino, you may need to do some quick math to see if you can haul everything. Before you start calculating the weight of everything, it may be best to first figure out how much your truck can haul and tow. Click here for a helpful guide to figuring out how much your truck, or your trailer, can haul and tow.

Once you have figured out how much your truck can haul and tow, then start adding up all the weight you plan to take. If it’s more than your truck can handle, you’ll need to leave some stuff behind, or take two trips.

Trailer Alternative

The best alternative to hauling your Yamaha Rhino in your long bed truck is to get a trailer, as stated before. Towing a trailer with your Rhino on top may even be a safer option than placing it in your truck on top of the tailgate.

First off, if you use a trailer to haul the Rhino, the weight will be better displaced instead of riding all on the truck or the tailgate. Second, it will be much easier to strap down your Rhino to a trailer than your truck bed. Third, you will be able to see out of your back window better.

When placing your Yamaha Rhino in a trailer, be sure to place most of the weight near the axel of the trailer with it slightly forward. Once your Rhino is on the trailer, place it in park and put on the parking brake. This will help prevent it from moving and bouncing around in transport.

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Now you are ready to strap it down. As said before, when strapping down your Rhino, tighten the straps so that there is no slack and do not let the straps rest against any sharp edges. Some trailers have hooks with which you can strap down your Rhino. This is extremely helpful, but some trailers don’t come with hooks. You may need to buy hooks to attach to your trailer.

Finally, if you choose to haul your Rhino with a trailer, it will be much easier to see out of your back window. If your Rhino were in the bed of your truck, it would be right in front of the window. Not only would it be difficult to see the other cars around you, but it would also be difficult to see if a strap became loose or if there were problems with the Rhino.

With the Rhino on the trailer, you will be able to see the cars around you and be better able to tell if a strap gets loose or if other problems arise.

Looking At Buying?

A Yamaha Rhino is a very capable off-road vehicle, great for off-roading beginners! Or it is a great vehicle for farmers and landscapers to travel quickly on large areas of land. Unfortunately, new Yamaha Rhinos are not being made and you will most likely have to buy a used Rhino. However, you can get a used Rhino with a lot of goodies for a pretty reasonable price.

If you are looking into buying a Yamaha Rhino, click here to see reviews, specs, photos, and videos of different types of Yamaha Rhinos. There a few different years with different pros and cons to consider before buying.

If you are unsure where to buy a Yamaha Rhino, click here! This is a great, reliable website that can help you find the perfect UTV, ATV, or other off-roading vehicles for your needs.

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