What Truck has the Longest Bed?

American trucks are known for their distinctive features, including their long beds. Most truck owners tend to prioritize the hauling capacity feature when they plan to purchase their trucks. The hauling capacity is one of the features that have many benefits when you own a truck.

It makes it easier to get cargo across the country when you need to. The bed’s size does matter since it determines how much you can carry at one given time. Some trucks have small-sized beds, while others have long ones. Having a truck with a small bed has many limitations since you can only carry a few items, which may be costly if you need to go for more rounds to get all your items from one place to another.

What Truck has the Longest Bed?

Most stock truck beds max out around 8 feet, give or take a few inches. There are three options with trucks with longer beds: regular cab, crew cab, or extended cab. Below is a comprehensive guide on some of the best trucks with the most extended beds you can get in the market today. 

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a great truck that has an excellent hauling capacity. This is mainly thanks to its V-8 engine, which gives the truck the power to ow both campers and trailers. The long bed gives you a chance to carry many items and enough comfortable passenger space for the long travels ahead.

If you are worried about the fuel economy, this truck doesn’t disappoint since it is fitted with the best fuel save systems for you to save as much as you can on gasoline. 

You can purchase the truck in three versions of bed sizes. The first bed size is 8 feet and two inches. The second bed size is only six feet and seven inches. 

The smallest bed size is five feet and ten inches. You will get more cargo volume with this truck than other trucks, especially if you choose the longest eight-foot and two-inch bed size. It is best to consider this truck if your truck’s main functionality is hauling heavy and large items.

The advantage of the bed size comes with its costs, which you may not be ready for. This truck can cost you a warping $42,000, which may be too high if you are on a budget. But if you have the finances going all the way to the most extended bed size if the best investment you can make for a truck? You will love every bit of this truck, from cargo space, power well as the driving experience. 

2019 Nissan Titan

The 2019 Nissan Titan is another excellent American truck that you can depend on due to its long bed size. Its appearance stands out from many trucks out in the market today. IT has an attractive finish on top of its good hauling capabilities.

The driving experience of this truck is one of the smoothest you can get in any hauling truck. The fuel economy is also efficient since you get only a maximum of 21miles per gallon. With a horsepower of between 310 and 390, you can be sure to get all the power needed to haul your heavy cargo. 

The truck also comes with an excellent infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and an adjustable 7-inch touch screen. With this model, you can choose between three-bed lengths. The smallest bed size is only five feet and six inches, going up to the longest, eight feet and two inches. The longer bed comes with so much more hauling capacity.

If that not enough, the manufacturer gives you up to 5-years of warranty. This warranty extends up to 100,000 miles of the truck, which is more than you even need for the hauling work you will be doing. The warranty guarantees you don’t incur any liabilities since the manufacturer will solve the problem with no issues.

Toyota Tundra

The release of the Toyota Tundra in 2019 has been a game changer for the manufacturer in their hauling trucks catalog. It is considered one of the best long bed trucks in the market, even with a couple of drawbacks. Such a truck needs a V-8 engine, and that is what it has. You can choose even to haul a camper or the heaviest cargo that can fit on the bed.

One of the drawbacks is the safety score, which is not as high as other essential trucks in the market. If this is an issue, you will need to consider this factor before choosing to buy this truck, but it still has many safety features installed by the manufacturer.

The power engine delivers up to 381 horsepower, which is standard for long bed hauling trucks. The fuel economy is only 19 miles per gallon, which is good enough for longer journeys with lots of cargo on the long bed. Though it is less than most long bed trucks, it is functional for a basic truck.

One of the sizes you can consider buying is the Tundra CrewMax version, which has a bed about 5-foot and six inches in length. You can also upgrade to the Double Cab, which starts from six feet and six inches to a maximum of eight feet. The truck’s space is enough to ensure you have an effortless time hauling anything to any location in the country. 

GMC Sierra 1500

This is another American truck capable of massive hauls with its long bed design. If you plan to carry huge loads, then the 1019 GMC Sierra 1500 is one of the best you can use.

One of the advantages that come with the truck is its incredible horsepower, which ranges from 277 to 420. This is a lot more coming from a long bed truck, a horsepower rare in most hauling trucks.

This truck’s fuel economy is one to enjoy with up to 20 miles per gallon in the city. When it comes to the highway, you can reach up to 24 miles per gallon. 

The interior offers a lot of comforts together with spacious seat arrangements. You can be sure you will be very comfortable every mile as a passenger and an exciting driving experience for the drive. The smallest bed starts from five feet, and the longest can go up to eight feet. You must know that you can’t get all the bed lengths on every cab that you choose.

2019 Ford F-150

If you know about this truck, you are sure not to miss it on this list. The manufacturer has always proven itself to making some of the best trucks in the American market, hands down.

The newly released 2019 Ford F-150 comes with a lot of power, and so if you are planning to haul heavy items, this could be the go-to truck for you. The engine is an EcoBoost V-6, which produces as high as 460 horsepower, which is the maximum for this model. 

With the cargo on the long bed, you can also comfortably add up to six people at a time, making your transport much more efficient. Since you will probably be taking long trips with this long bed truck, the seats are designed to be spacious enough so you won’t get tired throughout the journey. Fuel economy is relatively good, packing up to 30 miles per gallon when you drive on the highway and 22 miles per gallon within the city. 

With this model, you can select up to three-bed lengths. You can start from 5.5 feet to eight feet bed-lengths, which are more affordable than you may think. The base model starts from $28,000, which is quite reasonable for any truck owner. If you like the brand and you are also on a budget, this is the best truck to add to your truck collection if you have any. 

2019 Ram 1500

For one, the 2019 Ram 1500 is a sharp truck that can give you the reputation you deserve when cruising on the road. It is comfortable even with the high hauling capacities, which can be between 240 and 395 horsepower. It has a good fuel economy averaging 27 miles per gallon.

It has three-bed versions which have different prices too. You can pay just about $38,000 between the beds and get a truck that you will never regret once you get the driving experience with a good load. 


Selecting the size of the truck is mainly based on your needs. The most extended bed trucks are always better since you may not know when you need that extra space to have one-way transport. The list above is a great source to consider as you look for other models before your purchase.

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