Will a Full Size Bed Fit In the Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular three-row SUV’s on the marketplace right now. When you look at the midsize three-row SUV competitors, you will find vehicles that have a lot of space and are able to be used for different things.

People love to be able to have a vehicle that offers a lot of utility, so they want their Ford Explorer to be able to be a daily driver as well as one that can get them outdoors.

Many people even have plans of sleeping in these vehicles. Today, we are examining the fit of a full size bed in a Ford Explorer.

Will a Full Size Bed Fit in the Ford Explorer?

A full-size mattress will fit into a Ford Explorer. A full-size mattress measures 53 inches by 75 inches, so you may want to measure your exact space – however with recent Ford Explorer models this should be a relatively easy fit.

If you’re thinking about taking your Ford Explorer out into the wilderness or even for a night out at the drive-ins, having the ability to put a full size bed into the back of your vehicle can be pretty exciting.

We’re going to explore the rest of what the Ford Explorer has to offer so that you can decide if the Ford Explorer is the right vehicle for you!

Ford Explorer Info

As mentioned, the Ford Explorer is an awesome three-row SUV that puts a ton of focus on how the vehicle drives. The Ford Explorer has incredibly balanced handling that makes driving it fairly easy and it also features strong acceleration which can definitely help keep you safe and it makes driving an Explorer for your daily vehicle a bit easier as well.

There are so many SUV’s that are the size of the Explorer that just can’t match it when it comes to how it feels to drive.

Compared to those SUV’s, the Explorer feels light when driving turns and has plenty of grip to help you handle different road environments with ease.

These great qualities that the Explorer has to offer means that it can handle a lot of power, which Ford generously grants to the new models. It has a base engine that is a turbocharged four-cylinder that is way ahead of what most of the competition offers.

Not only that, but you can upgrade the Explorer to get a turbo V6 that competes to be one of the best engines in an SUV this size. The 10-speed transmission is key to making these engines work the way they need to. They handle city traffic well and can handle speeding up and decelerating easily.

When you are driving a Ford Explorer, you have a comfortable seat that has a nice shape to it. The optional massaging ones aren’t really much of an upgrade, so beware of those though.

Obviously, the seat quality gets a bit worse as you move backwards through the SUV, which is to be expected with any three-row vehicle.

While the Explorer offers a pretty smooth ride, it doesn’t block all imperfections like some other SUV’s do that are luxury offerings. Overall, you should be pretty happy if your main goal is a smooth ride, just know that some better options could exist.

One of the areas that the Explorer can struggle with is trying to keep everyone comfortable. The climate control system doesn’t work as well as you think it would and can really be a pain to deal with at times.

You’ll have to make a fair number of adjustments to keep everyone happy. Another negative comes in the form of driving sound. The Explorer is actually quite loud and the engine seems even louder.

It may be expected that with an engine that gives you so much power you’d get some noise, but this seems to be a bit over the top. Wind can be a problem too, even when you are driving at speeds that aren’t excessive.

Inside the Ford Explorer

If you are sitting in the driver’s seat, you should be treated to a pretty nice view. You’ve got a lot of space to adjust your seat in, which is a great plus regardless of what size you are.

On top of that, you have an excellent view based on the glass area around the car and the mirrors provide an excellent view that cuts down on blind spots.

However, the passengers that are in the back of your car may not be quite as happy depending on their size.

The middle row doesn’t receive as much legroom that other vehicles in this industry offer to them. The third row suffers a similar problem and adults, especially those towards the taller size, are going to struggle to sit there comfortably.

The rear door has some funky issues as well to be aware of. While it is easy to put the third row seats down due to a power folding mechanism, it still has to be done from the hatch area, which can be inconvenient.

The Explorer has a quality 8-inch touchscreen that offers a nice view for the driver when making adjustments to technology.

Apple Car Play and Android Auto are offered in what has become standard for Ford and the industry. While some of the models offer a larger vertical touchscreen, it doesn’t really work with some of the programs so it is not recommended by any means.

For those looking to buy the Explorer as a family vehicle, they should be impressed with all of the safety aids that are equipped. Regardless of what kind of Explorer you buy, you are going to receive emergency braking, lane drift assistance, blind spot monitoring, as well as high beams.

A lot of other vehicles will make you pick and choose these features based on what package you get or how much you want to spend. It’s good to see Ford doing so much to help keep their drivers and their passengers safe.

It should be noted that some of the systems have similar sounds, and although that’s not really a problem at the end of the day, it would be nice to see some more variance to help with the immediate recognition of what might be happening outside of your SUV.

Using the Ford Explorer

As mentioned, the Explorer’s cargo areas have a lot of space – so much that you can fit a full size bed in the vehicle if needed.

If you have the third row up, you may find space a bit tight, however you should still have plenty of space in the back in that setup. Child seats are able to installed pretty easily and the cabin has plenty of room for smaller items throughout the seating arrangements.

For those who are looking to adventure on the weekends, or maybe throughout the summer, the Explorer has a setup that could lead you to success.

Will a Full Size Bed Fit In the Ford Explorer?

The Explorer comes with rear-drive which makes it a great vehicle for towing. The Explorer comes in with a 5,000 pound towing capacity number which means that you should be able to haul some smaller trailers as long as you are careful about weight.

If you get the Trailer Tow Package, you’ll be adding on an enhanced blind-spot system that can really change how you view the rear of your vehicle.

The Ford Explorer offers pretty good fuel mileage coming in at around 23 or 24 miles per gallon. That’s pretty much the standard in this marketplace with SUV’s of a similar size.

Unfortunately, the vehicle may be a bit overpriced for some people due to some of the interior being not up to par.

Some of the design looks a bit outdated or just plain funky, which is hard to put up with if you are paying a premium price. That being said, it is a nice SUV if you are looking for something that is this size that you can really drive with a high quality performance.

If you are looking for a vehicle that drives well when you need a strong engine while having this size SUV, you’re probably in the right place. The fuel economy is passable, although your results may vary from the rated numbers.


At the end of the day, the Ford Explorer is a nice choice for someone who needs a lot of space, seating, and performance when driving on the road.

The Explorer is no slouch for someone who wants to tow a small boat or a smaller trailer as well, as it can quite comfortably tow 5,000 pounds due to its relatively strong engine.

Others may find things to nitpick on the interior of the vehicle, which is okay, it just depends on if you are looking for a better trip when you are looking at the interior or the exterior and the performance of the vehicle. There is definitely a lot of space here with the Explorer.

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