What Size Mattress Fits In The Back Of A Truck?

Are you moving to a new house? Or perhaps you’ve decided you’re sick of the same old bed? Will that new mattress fit in the back of your car?

Any size mattress will be able to fit in a standard or long bed truck with minimal if any, overhang. Only the smaller mattresses will fit in short bed trucks with no overhang. For most smaller trucks, the mattress will need to rest on the tailgate or over the bedrail.

Let’s see which truck your mattress is going to fit!


A crib size mattress is the easiest mattress to transport! A crib mattress is typically 28″X52″ (Width x Length), only a little more than 2ft x 4ft. This type of mattress is going to fit in any truck. Most trucks can have a box size anywhere from 5ft to 8ft, which will be plenty of space for a small crib size mattress. You could even put a crib mattress in the trunk or across the back seats of a van, crossover, or sedan.

Small Single

A small single is only a bit larger than a crib mattress and almost the same size as a twin mattress. The typical dimensions of a small single mattress are 30″X75″. This type of mattress is going to fit in all types of trucks except short bed trucks. However, if you are the proud owner of a short bed truck and need to transport a small single mattress, don’t worry! Most likely, your short bed truck will not fit the 75″ length of the small single mattress. There is a simple solution! Simply leave your tailgate down to add a bit more length to support the mattress. Just be sure to tie down the mattress secure on all sides to prevent the mattress from flying away in transport.


A twin mattress is slightly larger in width compared to a small single with the typical dimensions of 38″X75″. Just as with the small single mattress, a twin mattress is going to fit flat in any truck except a short bed truck. Some standard trucks will also not have the proper length for a twin mattress. Before loading your truck with the mattress, determine or discover what dimensions your truck bed is. Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of different brands and types of trucks.

To transport a twin mattress in a short bed truck you will need to leave the tailgate down so the mattress can rest flat on it. Don’t forget to tie it down! Wouldn’t want your mattress to fly away in transport.

Twin XL

Just as the name suggests, this type of mattress is a large twin with dimensions of 38″X80″. Though most trucks are going to be able to fit the width of a twin XL, they may not be able to accommodate the length. Long trucks will be perfectly able to fit a twin XL flat on the floor of the bed, but standard and short bed trucks are going to require you to leave the tailgate open. Leaving your tailgate open is normal and you will not be fined for leaving it open. As long as you don’t have any items or materials falling out of your truck.


A full mattress is going to be an extension of the width of a regular twin mattress. The dimensions for a full mattress are 54″X75″. Similar to the previous three mattresses, a full mattress is going to fit in standard and long bed trucks but will struggle to fit in short bed trucks. Additionally, this is the type of mattress that is also going to have difficulty fitting in a narrow bed or sidestep truck. As stated before, any truck that is unable to accommodate the longer length of a mattress should keep its tailgate open and allow the mattress to rest on top of the tailgate.

Full XL

The full XL is just like a full mattress but with a longer length. The typical dimensions of a full XL mattress are 54″X80″, which means that it will fit into standard and long bed trucks, but not short or narrow bed trucks. If you wish to transport your full XL mattress in a short-bed truck, you will need to leave the tailgate down as the previous five mattresses stated. If you wish to transport your mattress in a narrow bed truck, you will need to load the mattress at an angle with one side resting above the wheel well, on top of the bedrail. Whichever you decide to do, please don’t forget to tie down your mattress.


A queen mattress is only slightly bigger than a full XL mattress with the typical dimensions being 60″X80″. This size mattress may give you a little more trouble. A long bed truck may be the only truck that will be able to fit the queen-size mattress without too much maneuvering. All other trucks, on the other hand, will require some adjustments. Most likely your standard or short-bed truck, will be unable to accommodate the length of the queen mattress and will require you to leave the tailgate down. If you have a narrow truck or sidestep truck, it will not be able to fit the width of the mattress. You will need to angle your mattress so that it rests against one of the bedrails to fit the mattress.

Olympic Queen

The Olympic queen mattress dimensions sit at 66″X80″, only slightly larger in width than the queen mattress. Unfortunately, this size of mattress is not going to lay flat in many trucks. Only specific long bed trucks with a width available to fit the 66″ width of the mattress will work. Other long bed trucks will require you to angle the mattress on one of the bedrails to make the mattress fit widthwise. This is the same for all other types of trucks, except short bed trucks.

Standard and narrow bed trucks may be able to fit the Olympic queen mattress, it just depends if the length is able to fit the 80″ length of the mattress. If it can fit the length, then laying one side of the mattress on one of the bedrails will be sufficient. If you have a short bed truck, the Olympic queen will not fit lengthwise or widthwise and you may need to consider another way to transport the mattress.


A king mattress adds 10 more inches to the width of an Olympic queen mattress with the typical king mattress dimensions at 76″X80″. Regardless of how long your long bed truck is, the king-size mattress is going to need to be loaded at an angle, with one side of the mattress resting on the bedrail. The width of the mattress can exceed the width of the truck as long as it does not exceed the length of the truck. Most trucks do not exceed 66″ in width. This also means that unless your standard bed truck can fit the 80″ length, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to transport your king mattress. A short bed truck is going to be out of the question when transporting a king mattress.

California King

A California king-size mattress is one of the largest mattresses with dimensions of 72″X84″. Unfortunately, like the king mattress, unless your long bed truck can accommodate the length of the mattress, it will not be able to transport the mattress. As stated before, the width of the mattress can be greater than the width of the truck as long as it is not greater than the length of the truck. This means that all standard, short, and narrow bed trucks cannot be used to transport a California king-size mattress. You will need to rent a trailer or moving truck to move the bed. If you are ordering or buying the mattress, most likely the company you bought it from can deliver it to your house.

Huge Mattresses

Did you know there are mattresses larger than a California king? Maybe you did and maybe you’ve got one! Let’s take a look at these huge mattresses to find out if you can move them in your truck.

Texas King

This bed is far larger than the California king mattress with dimensions of 98″X80″. No way is this mattress going to fit in your truck, even the long truck would struggle. Better to get it delivered or rent a trailer.

Wyoming King

You guessed it! This bed is even larger than the Texas king! Dimensions of the Wyoming king-size mattress are 84″X84″. You are most likely going to be able to fit this mattress in a long truck with it angled to one side. Most long trucks are greater than 90″ in length, which will perfectly accommodate the Wyoming king mattress. However, there are laws about overhang on trucks. Click here to find out what the overhang laws are for your state.

Alaskan King

The Alaskan king mattress is by far one of the largest beds available with dimensions at 108″X108″. There is no possible way you are going to be able to transport this bad boy in your pickup truck. Better have it delivered or rent a trailer to transport it.

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