Can a Lincoln Navigator pull a Camper?

The Lincoln Navigator is a great luxury SUV. Many people compare it to the Ford Expedition, calling it the Ford Expedition “counterpart.” Yet, Lincoln Navigator owners feel their vehicle is in a class all on its own.

If you own a Lincoln Navigator then you know why it is so popular and maybe you think it is time to take it camping with you or maybe take it on a long road trip. You might wonder, “Can a Lincoln Navigator pull a camper?” and trust us when we say you are not the only one. 

Can a Lincoln Navigator pull a Camper?

The Lincoln Navigator’s towing capacity is 6,200 to 8,300 lbs, so it can probably tow an average family sized camper. But there are several important factors to you need to know about your Lincoln Navigator before you hitch a camper behind it and hit the road with your family.

How Much Can A Lincoln Navigator Tow? 

You might be wondering how the same car can have such a difference in towing capacity. We understand that from 6,200 lbs to 8,300 lbs…that is a 2,100 lbs difference! Well, it all comes down to the trim level you choose and the drivetrain.

Trim Level

The Lincoln Navigator comes in seven different trim levels:

  • Base Trim Level
  • Select Trim Level
  • Select L Trim Level
  • Reserve Trim Level
  • Reserve L Trim Level
  • Black Label Trim Level
  • Black Label L Trim Level


Regardless of your trim level, your Lincoln Navigator comes with a 3.5L V6 engine. However, which trim level you choose determines which of two types of drivetrains that you Navigator will have:

  • The 4×2 drivetrain or
  • The4x4 drivetrain.

So depending on the combination of trim level and drivetrain, the maximum towing capacity will slightly alter. At its best, the Navigator will translate that power from the V6 engine into a towing capacity of 8,700 lbs. when paired with the 4×2 system. If you have the 4×4 system in your Navigator, you will still be able to tow up to 8,300 lbs.

The L trim levels of the Lincoln Navigator vary with 8,400 lbs. of towing capacity with the 4×2 system and 8,100 lbs. with the 4×4 in these trims. This is only if you get the heavy-duty tow package though. With just the standard tow package, the 4×2 system will max out around 6,6000 lbs. and the 4×4 will max out around 6,200 lbs.

How Much Does a Camper Weigh?

Campers are huge, and that is quite the understatement. When most people see a camper, they might think to themselves how big the vehicle is and how it looks like someone can live in it. And honestly, that is quite true since it is quite spacious.

Some people even call it a “mini-home.” So now that you have that visual, can you imagine just how heavy a camper must be for people to be intimidated by its size and call it a mini-home?

According to Camper Report’s article titled, “Average Camper Weight (With 13 Examples),” campers are heavy, and even saying that is an understatement. Check out this list and you will understand why: 

  • 3,715 pounds without gear and water – 2015 Jayco Jayflight 19RD (19 feet box length)
  • 3,786 pounds without gear and water – 2017 R-Pod RP-176 (17 feet long)
  • 3,974 pounds without gear and water – 2017 Coleman CTS192RDWE (23 feet box length)
  • 4,800 pounds without gear and water – 2017 Rockwood Mini-Light 2504s (25-foot long box length, 29-foot total length)
  • 5,118 pounds without gear and water – 2017 Salem Hemisphere 24BH (24-foot long box length)
  • 5,605 pounds without gear and water – 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 26RKS (26-foot long box length)
  • 6,030 pounds without gear and water – 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 27RLS (27-foot long box length)
  • 7,690 pounds without gear and water – 2016 Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS (38-foot long box)
  • 7,705 pounds without gear and water – 2017 Cherokee West 274DBH (32-foot long box)

Please keep in mind that this is just a rough list of campers and there are many campers out there in the market today. We would also advise keeping in mind that this is the dry weight of these trailers and it does not include the weight of luggage or any other additional items. 

Can a Lincoln Navigator pull a Camper?

The short and quick answer to that is yes. Yes, the Lincoln Navigator can pull a camper. If we look at the list above we can estimate the average camper weighs around 3,500 to 7,000 + lbs.

That is quite heavy but do not forget that Lincoln Navigator’s towing capacity is 6,200 to 8,300 lbs. Please keep in mind that the trailer listed above is the dry weight which means that if you choose to fill up your camper with luggage and other items (as most people do) then you also need to add that into the total weight of your camper.

Can a Lincoln Navigator pull a Camper?

Remember that it is always better to overestimate the weight than underestimate it. This is because you never want to abuse your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity.

We would advise going at least 20-30% below your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. This not only leaves some wiggle room for when you add luggage to the camper but it is also overall better for your car. You are not putting too much weight on it and in the long run, it could cause irreversible damage. 

Is The Lincoln Navigator The Car For You?

If you have been contemplating whether or not to buy the Lincoln Navigator and the only thing stopping you is wondering whether or not it can pull a camper, then we would say go on.

However, do keep in mind that the list provided above is there to give you an idea of the weights of average trailers. With that in mind, there are campers out there that weigh a lot more than 7,000 lbs.

So if you have a specific camper in mind and you know that it is the one you want or maybe you already have a camper that you know is on the heavy side (with just its dry weight), then we would suggest finding out what its actual weight is. 

We hope you found this article informative and interesting. If you know someone who will also enjoy this article, then please feel free to pass it on.

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