Does the GMC Sierra Have Auto Start-Stop?

The GMC Sierra is a great vehicle and it has many great features. It is so impressive in fact, that Cars US News calls the all-new GMC Sierra, “powerful, composed, and comfortable.” If that is not a compliment, then we do not know what is.

The GMC Sierra is also a luxurious and spacious ride that also comes with a powerful engine. However, those are all aspects you would expect from the GMC Sierra, right? Well, let’s talk about an aspect that most people do not talk about but should…does the GMC Sierra have an auto start-stop?

Right, that probably was not the question you were thinking but it is an important one to consider. Stop-Start technology is important in a vehicle because it automatically stops and starts your vehicle’s engine (as the name implies) under various conditions.

This feature not only can help improve your fuel efficiency but it can also help rescue greenhouse gas emissions compared to vehicles that do not have stop-start technology. Many vehicles have this feature, especially those that are a bit more costly.

Intrigued? We thought so. Let’s get started!

What Is Auto Start-Stop? | How does it Work?

Even though the majority of people have a general understanding of what auto start-stop technology is, most of those people do not fully understand it. We definitely understand the struggle.

For some people, having a basic understanding is good enough while for others they want to fully understand the concept. Well, the good news is we have got you covered no matter what end of the spectrum you are on.

If you are someone that just wants the short and sweet answer, please read here:

Auto start-stop technology automatically shuts off your vehicle’s engine when the vehicles come to a full stop and idle for more than a few seconds.

Once you put pressure on the accelerator again, then your engine will turn back on. On the other end, once the pressure is released from the brake pedal, your car will restart.

If you are someone that wants a more in-depth review, please read here:

The definition above should give you the basic rundown but here is a more in-depth review because learning how things work is interesting so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • When you are driving your GMC Sierra and your vehicle comes to a complete stop, if you have your Stop-Start Technology turned on then it may turn off your vehicle’s engine. You could tell because your tachometer will move to the “auto stop” position when this happens.
  • This is different from vehicles that do not have the auto stop and start technology because under normal conditions when you would take your foot off of the brake, the engine would start automatically.
  • Your engine will then automatically restart before you even take your foot off of the break. This happens in order to maintain the vehicle’s performance and conditions such as the heating and cooling of your GMC Sierra’s cabin. This also applies to its battery state.
  • Some vehicles do have a button to turn off the stop-start technology. However, this is not a permanent fix because, in order to maximize fuel economy, the start-stop technology needs to be turned on each time the vehicle starts.

Does the GMC Sierra Have Auto Start-Stop?

The GMC Sierra does have auto start-stop. Please check your driver’s manual to see if your GMC Sierra comes with auto start-stop because it does depend on the year. If you are not sure, then you can call your local dealership and they would be able to assist you.

If you do not feel like calling your local dealership or if you lost your driver’s manual (or maybe you bought your GMC Sierra second-handed and the owner never gave you the manual) then a quick online search will let you know.

Auto Start-Stop and Your GMC Sierra Battery Life

While most drivers do understand and enjoy the benefits of the GMC Sierra auto start-stop, many of them fear that their battery will get too low with the features turned on. This is a valid question and also a valid concern.

Car batteries are not cheap to replace and jump-starting your vehicle to get your battery running again can be a pain for you and also an annoyance.

Most people have enough to worry about to the point where they do not have the energy and time to worry about their GMC Sierra running out of battery due to the auto start-stop technology.

If this has been a concern of yours, then understand that you are definitely not alone and many drivers (probably a lot more than you think) probably had the same concerns when they learned about the GMC Sierra auto start-stop technology.

Luckily, GMC has stated that this will not be a problem. This is because vehicles that are equipped with stop-start technology use batteries that are more durable than the traditional batteries found in most cars. Yes, you heard right…the batteries are more durable.

You can rest assured knowing that your battery will not suddenly give out on you in the middle of the road. However, since also means that batteries used in vehicles that have an auto start-stop will probably be more costly as well.

Also, GMC understands the risks and concerns that its drivers will have. If your battery ends up being low for whatever reason, the system understands this, and the system will limit the frequency of these auto start and stop.

In Conclusion | Why Having an Auto Start-Stop is Important

 While many GMC Sierra owners like having auto start-stop installed on their vehicles, there are some that simply do not like it. This is completely fine because everyone has their own preferences. For the GMC Sierras, you can turn this feature off if you are feeling bothered by it

If your GMC Sierra vehicle has a Stop/Start deactivation switch, then you will be able to turn it off. The switch is labeled with an A surrounded by an arrow.

It is important to note that while you can turn off the auto start-stop feature, you cannot turn it off permanently. So if the button next to your GMC Sierra’s gear shifter says “A Off” then that means the Auto Start-Stop on your GMC Sierra is turned off.

Does the GMC Sierra Have Auto Start-Stop?
2021 GMC Canyon Denali

However, the next time you turn your ignition switch on, it will automatically turn on again (“A On”). This means it is not a permanent solution.

We can understand how that might be an annoyance when it comes to your GMC Sierra but if you look on the bright side, the fact that GMC gives us the option to turn it off is a good thing.

Who knows, maybe if they hear enough complaints from their customers, GMC might reconsider making it a permanent solution.

Only time will tell…however, if you are a fan of the Auto Start-Stop then you will be happy to know that even if you accidentally, turn the auto start-stop off, it will turn on again the next time you turn on your ignition.

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