Eight of the Best Pop-Up Truck Campers for Half-ton Trucks

Maybe you’re reading this article because you just can’t stand the thought of spending one more campout with your family in a tent. Or maybe you’re tired of hauling the giant RV you currently have and are looking to downsize. Shopping around for pop-up truck campers can be a daunting task regardless of your background.

What Is The Best Pop-Up Truck Camper For Half-Ton Trucks?

To find the right pop-up camper for your truck you’ll need to consider the up-front purchase price, the cost of maintenance, the overall weight of the camper, your storage capacity in between trips, and best of all, the particular set of amenities you’re looking for.

Each camper offers it’s own advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve summarized the best eight pop-up truck campers.

Bundutec Wild

This is arguably the best pop-up truck camper that you could buy for your half-ton truck. With the brand new design made by Rory Willet, this camper really redefines how a pop-up camper should be.

The Bundutec Wild comes loaded with features like a full wet-bath that is not easy to come across. Additionally, it comes with a large grey water tank, which makes the wet-bath even more practical. \

This camper primarily comes in two colors: gray, a fantastic pick, and white. These color options come with black accents and trims outside, which contrasts with the beautiful paint finish. The smooth aluminum skin is 0.040 inches thick and is not only beautiful to look at but also is much stronger than the standard sidings made of fiberglass.

The floor of this camper measures a total of 7 feet. It features lots of amenities, including a wet bath located on the driver’s side, a kitchen, a fridge that doubles up as a storage area on the front wall, and finally, a dinette that takes up the full length on the passenger side. 

This incredible camper also has other standard features that include a freshwater tank that holds up to 21 gallons, a grey water tank with a capacity of 17 gallons, a 56 by 74-inch mattress which has storage space underneath it, the NovaKool R3000 compressor fridge, door and window screens for privacy and a stainless steel sink.

Other features include a Truma Combi water heater, a Zamp 160 watt solar power system, and a BunduAwn wrap-around awning. 

Phoenix Mini-Max

Second is this semi-custom pop-up truck camper, which is undoubtedly one of the most cool-looking ones in the market. It comes with a base model, and buyers can add only the options that they desire. This camper features a floor that measures 7 feet in length, a large 60 by 80-inch bed, a wet bath located on the driver’s side, a dinette situated forward, and a kitchenette located on the passenger side.

The body construction comprises a tube cage frame made entirely made out of aluminum. The body is later on stuffed with foam then protected by a single piece of Crane fiberglass, making it very light. 

The Phoenix mini-max comes with a freshwater talk holding 18 gallons, a cassette toilet, and a gray water tank with a capacity of 8 gallons, and a Domestic compressor fridge. This camper comes with birch as the standard cabinet color, complete with a clear coat finish. Customers can choose other cabinet materials like bamboo, which makes it unique.

Some popular options include a solar power system, floodlights, roof racks, and an air conditioner. The phoenix Mini max may even come with a custom paint job of your liking. 

Four Wheel Camper Hawk 

With only a dry weight of 1075 pounds and a floor-length of just 6.5 feet, this pop-up camper is a popular choice for many. It features a large freshwater tank with a 20-gallon capacity, a kitchenette that is fully equipped, a queen bed positioned from east to west, incredible interior woodwork, and a 1.7-cubic foot reefer. Buyers can choose from three floor plans when ordering it, and they include a front dinette, a side one, or a rollover side couch. 

Optional amenities include a cassette toilet and an outside shower, a 160-watt solar system that is roof-mounted, a large 85-liter compressor fridge, a two-battery setup, and two propane tanks 10 pounds each. The Four wheel camper hawk is tied down to the bed of the pick up to steel backing plates by using four eyebolts that are zinc coated. This method of tying it down not only looks great but is also convenient when going off-road. 

Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5 

Weighing at only 850 pounds, this is one of the lightest and the one with the lowest profile made by Outfitter camper manufacturers. This camper is made up of composite walls that are bonded with vacuum, a boxed aluminum frame that is fully welded, and a walk-on roof. Insulation on this camper is done by Owen Corning block foam on the hard walls as for the soft walls; it is done in three layers of Weblon insulation. 

This camper features a full queen-sized bed that can be pulled from a full-size cab-over bed, a total floor length of 6.5 ft. which is where the name is derived from, a freshwater talk holding 24 gallons, a three-way fridge, a propane tank measuring 5-gallons.

Additionally, it has a lift system that is torsion assisted, a 16,000 BTU furnace, a cooktop with three burners, a birch interior that makes the space feel like home and solar reflective windows that regulate temperatures inside.

Other options include a solar power system, an air conditioner, a compressor fridge, and even a satellite dish to ensure you don’t miss your favorite shows. The best part is that this pop-up camper a lifetime warranty, which is the best in the business. 

Hallmark Milner 6.5

This camper has been in the market since 1969 and is a true camping classic. Having been made by Hallmark campers, one of the industry’s pioneers should speak volumes about its durability. A molded fiberglass composite constructs the exterior, while the roof is made of a single piece of a molded composite. This rigid construction should not make you worried about its weight as it has a dry weight of only 1212 pounds. 

Some of the standard features include an impressive freshwater tank measuring 30 gallons, a 60 by 80-inch bed placed in an east-west direction complete with storage under it. It has large double windows that offer a great view outside, countertops that are made from one piece of molding, a three-way 3.8-cubic ft. fridge, overhead cabinets, a 5-gallon propane tank, and an area that could hold up to 6-volt golf cart batteries. 

Alaskan 6.5 Cabover

If choosing between a pop-up and a hard side is difficult, this camper might be a good option. The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover is a hybrid that is a little of both worlds.

Unlike pop–up truck campers that usually have canvas sides, this camper has a solid wall that features a hydraulic mechanism that lowers or lifts the top half by just pressing a switch, which makes this pop-up camper very unique. This feature provides room to which one can stand upright and lowers to produce a good aerodynamic design, which in turn helps in fuel efficiency and allows you to take it off-road. 

This interior features a ceiling made from a wood panel, an eye-catching dinette made out of leather, and maple cabinets. Storage space is in plenty in this model with the overhead storage areas.

Some of the standard features on this 1390 pound camper include a freshwater tank with a capacity of 15 gallons, a propane tank with a capacity of 5 gallons, a 3-way fridge with a capacity of 2.5 cubic ft., a standard length door that doesn’t require you to bend forward when climbing in or getting out, hehr windows and a single group-24 battery.

Other options include a second group-24 battery, a swivel cassette toilet, a water heater, a 160-watt solar system, LED lighting, and a 20,000 BTU furnace.

EarthCruiser Adventure Mod 400

This modern, stylish looking, aerodynamic camper offers a lightweight body made from molded fiberglass and has a wedge shape pop top that is hinged to the fronts and only lifts at the back of the camper. The adventure mod is quite unique.

It features a modular interior on the 5.3 ft. floor plan length that offers unrivaled customization by adding or removing Personal Accessory Kits (PAKs), which act as plug-and-play kits. All Adventure Mod campers come with a floor plan that features an 80 by 60-inch cab-over bed, a big dinette that doubles as a bench storage area, an electrical system that powers up 12-volt accessories and two ceiling lights, and a storage unit at the corner.

Engineers were able to keep the weight of this camper low to an impressive 800 pounds, but the overall weight ultimately depends on the PAKs that you choose. 

Other options and PAKs to add to your Adventure mod 400 include an en-suite shower, an isotherm compressor fridge, Seitz windows, a portable toilet, a water heater with a capacity of 2.6 gallons, a 200-watt solar power system, and a freshwater tank holding 22 gallons. This camper can be ordered in different colors depending on the color of your vehicle. 

Northstar 650

This affordable little camper is simply amazing in that it fits perfectly on the majority of the mini-short bed and short bed trucks and has half wraps at the back. This 1405 pound camper might look small but is packed with standard features that include a 60 by 80-inch queen-sized bed put in an east to west orientation and has storage beneath it, an enormous 30-gallon tank for fresh water, and a 6-inch thick mattress that is incredibly comfortable. 

This camper hosts a whole list of options that include a swing-away table system, a cassette toilet, a gray water tank with a capacity of 7.5 gallons, a north-south orientated bed, a tank-less water heater, an outdoor shower, and a 160-watt solar system. Additionally, a “subzero package” provides much-needed insulation for those cold winter nights. 


Picking the perfect pop-up camper for your half-ton truck might not be particularly easy, but with the above list, it should a walk in the park.

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