How Long Does A Dodge Ram Hemi Last?

Engine longevity is at the heart of every vehicle out there, and it is one of the vital aspects that most consumers should think about when making their vehicle purchase. The Dodge Ram Hemi has come a long way from its foundation to create trucks that last long on the road.

From its engine and performance power to its towing and hauling capacity, there is no short of ways to describe the reliability of the Dodge Ram Hemi for staying on the road for years and thousands of miles.

How Long Does A Dodge Ram Hemi Last?

The Dodge Ram Hemi has proved exceptional how far it can go until you have to let it go. It was built with fleet owners and hard labor in mind, so you can be sure to take it up to 300,000 miles with the best services available. It is known for having excellent specs and features and robust performance delivery. 

It is no wonder the Ram offers an in-class warranty of up to 100,000 miles for its diesel powertrain and a warranty for its gas powertrain of up to 60,000. According to many drivers, driving Ram pickups has a mileage of over 300,000 miles.

As much as the numbers can’t have a 100 percent guarantee, the consumer confidence ratings, numerous awards, and tests prove the Dodge Ram Hemi is quite reliable to last for more miles than you can expect. 

Consumer Confidence

The Dodge Ram Hemi has received several consumer confidence awards in the last couple of years. It reflects Ram drivers’ confidence as their daily drive across the country. It received the 2017 consumers Digest Best Buy Award, and also 5 straight consumer guides the best buy awards. 

Without a doubt, the Dodge Ram has more loyalty than other half-ton pickups in the market, such as the famous Ford F-150. The ratings from the Consumer Reports are excellent as well.

Long-lasting Proof

There are different reasons why the Dodge Ram Hemi has been proven to last for a very long time. The factors are mainly based on its internal features as well as maintenance. Some of the main aspects include the high-quality engine that has already received Wards Auto awards

There is a 50,000 PSI frame strength with a rugged Ram chassis. Between diesel and oil changes, it offers up to 15,000 miles. It is also comprehensive and rigid for its truck safety and security from quality tests assessed. 

Manufacturer Backing

As much as it may seem biased for the manufacturer to provide factual information about the Dodge Ram Hemi, it is still good that you put more faith in what they say. Since they back up the truck with both year and mileage warranties, the backing information is assessed and proven to be working.

The Dodge Ram Hemi has five-year, 100,000-mile roadside assistance. The 60,000-mile limited warranty for the gas powertrain lasts for five years, and the 100,000-mile limited warranty for the powertrain goes up to 5 years. 

Long-Lasting Factors

Various factors play into the long-lasting aspects of the Dodge Ram Hemi. These factors play a key part in how the truck can last up to 300,000 miles, rare for most pickup trucks

Fuel Economy

More recent Dodge Ram Hemi models have much better fuel economy due to the advancements in mechanical technology embedded within the Ram. With just a single tank of about 23 gallons, you can use the Dodge Ram Hemi for about 414 miles depending on how many times you drive on the highway.

The average fuel economy is close to 20 MPG for the latest model. The mileage under one tank within the city limits or the highway means fewer refueling times cut costs. 

Affordable Parts

Having affordable parts of the Dodge Ram Hemi makes it easier to have fixes anytime there is a minor problem. The affordability makes it easier to get back on the road. The auto market has all you need when it comes to the Dodge Ram Hemi.

Maintenance and Extended Warranties

The maintenance plans and extended warranties also make it easier to maintain the Dodge Ram Hemi for a long time if there is an issue keeping all the liabilities away from consumers.

There are affordable plans with convenient deductibles through vehicle protection programs, giving you peace of mind if you have a car problem. The warranties and maintenance cover last for years and take care of the necessities to get you using your Ram for many more years than you may think you can. 

Dodge Ram Hemi Maintenance Schedule

Everyone knows that the most effective methods for maintaining your Dodge Ram Hemi are keeping the necessary regular maintenance based on the schedules set. Scheduled maintenance is essential to ensure the car remains intact and not pushing it to the limits of the wear and tears it goes through.

Keeping up with the maintenance schedules also keeps the truck on its optimum performance and adds past the maximum miles it is set to go. Here are some comprehensive guidelines on the best maintenance schedules for your Dodge Ram Hemi. 

First of all, you need to understand your maintenance schedule to keep up with the process. It is best to start by breaking the maintenance schedule into mileage.

The set service intervals correspond to the manufacturers’ recommended mileage from the factory based on the vehicle’s efficient performance inspections and services. The timeline is also different since every driver has a different way of using their truck, so using mileage is the best way to measure the maintenance necessity of your Dodge Ram Hemi. 

Service Intervals

  • Up to 8,000 miles – During the service interval, the main focus should be oil change and changing your oil filter. You should try to rotate your tires to get your tread wear evened out. 
  • Up to 20,000 miles – The maintenance services are repeatable every time the mileage is added to the Ram. The more the mileage, the more maintenance you will need to keep the Ram in the right conditions. At this mile, you will need to have an inspection of your tie rod ends, brake linings, and front suspension replaced if they are far from the technician’s standards. 
  • Up to 30,000 miles – This mileage also has some additional components that you will need to service to keep the truck going for more and more miles. The service includes inspection of components and areas such as the transfer fluid case, front, rear axle surfaces, and universal joints. Replacing the engine air filter is also as important at this mileage until you go to the next mileage.
  • Up to 60,000 miles – At this mile, you should consider the functionality of your Ram. If you mainly use it for towing and trailering, the systems which allow this function should be inspected and replaced. The areas include the filter and the automatic transmission fluid. 
  • At 100,000 miles – This is an important service interval to ensure your Ram’s performance is still at its top level. Apart from the other vital replacements and inspections, new components are added to the list. Replacing your spark plugs is necessary since they are worn out and might not be functioning to their maximum performance, as well as being faulty. Inspection of the PCV valve is also necessary, and replacement should be considered to avoid any mishaps in the future and maintain the maintenance schedule. 
  • Up to 120,000 Miles – At the 120 000 miles, Rams with a 6-speed automatic transmission needs some replacement of the filters and the fluid. It is also necessary to change the transfer fluid at this stage.
  • One hundred fifty thousand miles – At this interval, the changes are necessary within the Ram’s critical parts. It mainly involves service done to the engine. The engine coolant will need to be flushed out and replaced as soon as possible. 
  • 250,000 – 300,000 miles – It is without a doubt that it is possible to push your Dodge Ram Hemi up to 300,000 miles, depending on a couple of basic factors. Within this mileage, you will need to keep inspecting the vital elements necessary to be replaced.

Using the above maintenance schedules, nothing stops you from keeping your Ram performing well for more miles and years to come. 


Ensure you purchase your Dodge Ram Hemi from a certified dealer to receive the warranties and other benefits that come with it. During maintenance, avoid using after-market parts and get services from certified auto technicians to avoid unnecessary mishaps in your Dodge ram Hemi in the future.

Always consult with a professional on all kinds of changes and replacements necessary to add more miles to the Ram. The closer attention you give to your Ram, the longer it will last on the road. 

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