What Luxury SUV Is The Most Reliable? [ANSWERED]

Though there are plenty of options in the SUV market, nothing beats the comfort of a luxury SUV. Some combine an excellent interior with heaps of features and the versatility of going anywhere.

What Luxury SUV is the most reliable? The image shows a Lexus 570 against a sunset

However, this doesn’t mean that buyers skimp on reliability, anything but. It’s common for people to ask what luxury SUV is the most reliable, and with good reason. After all, if you’re paying out the big bucks, it’s comforting that you’ve bought an SUV that won’t let you down.

So, in this article, we’re giving you the most reliable luxury SUVs you can buy.

What luxury SUV is the most reliable?

The most reliable luxury SUV is the Lexus GX series. This should come as no surprise as the Japanese brand has earned a reputation for building vehicles that will last for a lifetime.

So, the Lexus GX is no exception. Consumer Reports has ranked it as the most reliable in its class and with good reason.

Beyond just Consumer Reports, I can personally share that I have owned a Lexus GX 460 since 2011. It’s the longest I have ever owned a vehicle and it is still going strong.

In the 10+ years, I have owned the GX 460, I’ve only had one repair done outside of routine oil changes, tires, and scheduled maintenance. It’s a fantastic SUV!

What Luxury SUV Is The Most Reliable?
(My personal 2011 Lexus GX 460 – photo taken in 2022)

The Lexus GX series is an SUV that uses the Toyota platform that you also see in vehicles like the Land Cruiser and Prado in overseas markets. It’s a body-on-frame construction that gives the GX strength and impressive offroad abilities.

All the while, the interior is top-notch, with all the creature comforts that you can imagine.

Another positive aspect of the Lexus GX is that it uses the trusty and reliable 4.6L V8 with 301 hp. While highway performance is adequate, the engine is powerful enough to easily move the GX.

There’s no doubt that it can tackle almost anything you throw at it, all the while sitting in a comfortable position that enables excellent visibility.

That’s not to say that the GX is perfect. In fact, its party piece, the body-on-frame construction, is also its major drawback.

As a result, the ride isn’t ideal on the highway, and it can feel top-heavy on corners, especially at speed. Plus, it’s a heavy vehicle that could use a bit more power.

However, if you’re willing to overlook these details, the Lexus GX will give you excellent performance and such reliability that you can take it all over the country.

Of course, this isn’t the only vehicle on this list. We’ll also show you other luxury SUVs that have earned top ranks regarding reliability.

What luxury full-size SUV is the most reliable?

The most reliable luxury full-size SUV is the Lincoln Navigator. If you’re looking for an SUV that can haul many passengers in comfort while having adequate performance and all the creature comforts you can think of, then the Navigator is the right choice for you.

What Are The Best Years For The Lincoln Navigator What Luxury SUV Is The Most Reliable? [ANSWERED]

After all, the Navigator has earned top spots in several magazines, with reviews praising its comfort, interior, and trim that competes with European counterparts.

The Lincoln Navigator comes with a tried-and-true 3.5L twin-turbo V6 that puts out enough power to move this large SUV briskly.

Plus, it gives it good towing capabilities, with 510 lb-ft of torque. Another impressive feature of the Navigator is that all three rows can comfortably fit adults easily.

As a drawback, the Navigator is thirsty. The 3.5L V6 does a great job moving the vehicle around, but you will have to visit the gas station frequently.

Plus, it’s one of the biggest luxury SUVs out there, so parking in smaller spaces can be a challenge. However, if you’re willing to live with these traits, then it’s an excellent choice for a reliable full-size luxury SUV.

On the other hand, if you want something smaller, you can consider the most reliable midsize luxury SUV: the Porsche Cayenne.

What luxury midsize SUV is the most reliable?

The most reliable luxury midsize SUV is the Porsche Cayenne. This sporty vehicle doesn’t only offer a luxurious interior, but it also can handle like a sports car. The Porsche Cayenne has evolved impressively throughout the years and has earned top ranks in the midsize sector.

What Luxury SUV Is The Most Reliable?

Thanks to its powerful engine and performance, the Cayenne set itself apart from the competition. In addition, it’s one of the best handling vehicles out there.

However, this doesn’t mean that it has temperamental reliability. In fact, it’s the total opposite. Porsche has invested a lot of time and money into making this a reliable luxury SUV that can go for miles.

While it sounds like a perfect option, it’s always good to remember that the Cayenne doesn’t have the most extensive interior.

There’s no doubt that you will have all the luxury features that you expect from the brand, but the back seat can feel small. Plus, the cargo room in the back isn’t anything to write home about.

If you’re looking for a smaller option that better fits your needs, then you can stick with the same brand.

What luxury compact SUV is the most reliable?

The most reliable luxury compact SUV is the Porsche Macan. With this vehicle, Porsche has taken everything it has learned with the Cayenne and reduced it in size, just slightly.

As a result, the Macan is sporty, but the interior is one of the best out there. Plus, the engine is reliable and powerful. So, it outdoes the competition in one of the most competitive sectors of the SUV market.

In addition, the Porsche Macan isn’t the most expensive option out there, which makes it an exciting purchase, even in the lowest trims. The Macan compensates for its small cargo space and slightly stiff suspension with many features and comfortable seats.

The Porsche Macan might not be for everyone, however. The responsive acceleration and sporty feel can become tiresome, especially in stop-and-go traffic or urban scenarios.

So, keep this in mind when looking at one. Fortunately, our list doesn’t end there because there’s something for everyone in the SUV market.

What luxury subcompact SUV is the most reliable?

The most reliable luxury subcompact SUV is the Volvo XC40, and it should come as no surprise. The Swedish company excels at providing the utmost luxury with extreme safety and reliability.

The XC40 is no exception. Plus, Volvo already has a lot of experience in this market, with the veteran XC90 and the XC60.

Which Volvo SUV is Most Reliable 1 What Luxury SUV Is The Most Reliable? [ANSWERED]

So, you’re looking for a subcompact SUV that’s versatile, comfortable, and luxurious. Then the XC40 is the choice for you. In fact, one of its biggest pros is that this SUV is quite spacious for its size, something that’s valuable in the luxury sector.

Plus, you get elegant styling that will set you apart.

As with all the vehicles on this list, there are some drawbacks. For example, the XC40 has decent performance, but it’s not the fastest in the market.

Plus, unfortunately, you don’t get the best fuel mileage around. So, if that’s a must-have for you, keep in mind when looking at the XC40.

Closing thoughts

Many buyers want to know what’s the most reliable luxury SUV. Overall, the most reliable luxury SUV is the Lexus GX series. For years, it has shown that it can handle any terrain and do so with comfort and many features.

Plus, the powertrain is very reliable and has few issues. The Lexus GX is rugged, big, and comfortable, thanks to its body-on-frame construction.

If the Lexus GX isn’t your favorite, we have also listed other luxury SUVs that are very reliable. For example, the Lincoln Navigator is a reliable full-size luxury SUV that fulfills all the needs of even the highest standards, on par with European competitors.

The Porsche Cayenne and the Macan are excellent-handling SUVs that are genuinely apart from the competition. If performance and luxury are what you look for, these two vehicles are ideal for you.

If you want something more compact, the Volvo XC40 provides superior reliability and luxury while having adequate performance. We hope that this article provides you with the information you need to find the most reliable luxury SUV that’s right for you.

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