What’s the Difference Between Chevy Trucks and GMC Trucks?

If you are a die-hard truck fan, then you probably understand the differences between Chevy and GMC. They are both great, powerful trucks that many customers enjoy when new models come out each year. However, most people might not understand their differences, or even understand why there might be confusion.

GMC trucks are designed with more urban uses in mind and are targeted to sell to luxury buyers. Chevy trucks are designed for a more of a high country, outdoorsy purpose and are targeted to sell to the core of the truck market. These two different purposes affect the truck builds.

While it is important to understand the main differences between these two truck brands, there are a lot of little factors that make them different. If you are looking to buy one of these trucks, keep reading to understand the differences in their construction and amenities.


Before we get into all of the little differences between these two truck brands, it is important to understand how and why they are so similar in the first place. There wouldn’t be a debate on which one is better if they weren’t similar enough to be comparable.

The first, and biggest, similarity between the GMC and Chevy is that both brands are made by the same company (General Motors).

General Motors has made a very good business decision to sell two brands of trucks because they have been selling the largest number of trucks each year for five years straight, even if Ford F-150s sell the most out of any specific truck.

Because they are made by the same brand, a lot of structural and design details are very similar. The basic bones of the trucks are relatively the same, making the new models of each truck pretty close each year.

The biggest difference at a glance is that they have a different logo on the grill. The reason behind making these trucks so similar is so they don’t compete with each other on the market.

They are both targeted toward different parts of the same crowd who loves General Motors. They don’t want to stray too far from the designs their fans love!

GMC Differences

The GMC trucks that come out each year might look similar to their Chevy counterparts, but they have a lot of subtle differences that are worth considering.

The purpose of the GMC brand from General Motors is different than Chevy’s purpose which is helpful to keep in mind when looking at these two brands, as well as the differences in the details of the model.

Branding and Marketing

Let’s focus on the branding first. As you may have noticed if you are looking to buy from General Motors, GMC trucks are more expensive than Chevy trucks.

This is kind of strange considering how similar the two are, but it is for a good reason. GMC trucks are made with luxury in mind and that changes a lot of the little details.

Aside from the design details, GMC trucks are made with urban living in mind instead of outdoorsy living.

In addition to the luxurious and expensive feel of GMC trucks, they are handled with more care when they are manufactured. In this case, “more care” means that they do more quality checks and longer quality checks on each truck.

This drives up the price of GMC trucks because they require more time and more employees to do these quality checks.

GMC is able to have these more expensive prices and put more time into the manufacturing process because the brand does not sell a lot of different kinds of vehicles or other products.

They stick to making a stylish, sleek truck that is geared toward those that can afford a luxury truck. The prices are higher because they spend more time manufacturing, and they sell fewer products.

Design Details

The other big differences in GMC are the design details. We have talked about how GMC is designed for luxury, urban living, but what does that mean for the appearance of the truck?

Well, it mainly means that the sheet metal that they use is more expensive, and a lot of the design details are there for cosmetic purposes. These trucks are sleeker, and they have a sharper front end.

Their Denali-style trucks are especially luxurious and feature a lot of interior details, like chrome and intricate seat stitching, to make the experience feel more high-end.

Chevy Differences

Chevy trucks look very similar to GMC trucks as we have already discovered, but their purpose is quite different compared to GMC’s. This makes them into a very different vehicle at the end of the day.

The design details of Chevy trucks help to set them apart from GMC and make them more appealing to a different market.

Difference Between Chevy Trucks and GMC Trucks?

Branding and Marketing

While GMC is more expensive and luxurious than Chevy, more products from Chevy are sold each year. Chevy is definitely less expensive than GMC and that pays off. While the top percentage of people that buy from General Motors buy GMC, more customers buy Chevy because it is more affordable.

Most people can’t afford GMC, or if they can, it is more worth it to spend money on a cheaper option that fits their needs better.

Chevy trucks are made for the outdoor experience and because they are meant to get dirty, they are cheaper. Who wants to spend a bunch of money on a truck that’s just going to get dirty?

Chevy is able to make their prices lower because they sell a lot of different vehicles and products, so they don’t have to make all of their money off of trucks alone.

The manufacturing is cheaper, and the materials they are made with are also cheaper. However, Chevy makes vehicles that are very durable and comfortable because they are meant for those tougher, dirtier jobs.

Design Details

Chevy does not slack off when it comes to making a beautiful and functional truck. While GMC is the more stylish of the two, Chevy designs are very similar and they look expensive and durable.

Their trucks are based on their High Country designs and have a lot of features that make them better for loading, towing, and rough roads.

While they are meant for rougher living, Chevy trucks are a powerful and beautiful option to consider when shopping at General Motors.

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  1. This answers my question. I’ve had 5 Chevy Silverados. I know I’m going to have to buy one more. Just curious if I should look at a GMC. The answer is no I’ll stick with Chevy . I like Chevy’s looks better anyway.