Will Adding 37-Inch Tires Void Your Warranty? 3 Factors

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It’s so exciting to be ready to take the next step and upgrade your vehicle’s tires to 37 inches, but you wonder if doing so will void your current warranty. Some vehicles are just made for fun. Whether you’re wanting to go off-road exploring or just love the look of a higher SUV, Jeep, or truck, installing some 37-inch wheels on your ride is going to change the whole experience. But…though you are ready for an adventure, you also want to stay smart and not do anything that’s going to affect your vehicle’s warranty and cause headaches when you take it into the dealership for service or maintenance check-ups.

Will Adding 37 Inch Tires Void Your Warranty 1 Will Adding 37-Inch Tires Void Your Warranty? 3 Factors

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Do 37-inch tires void your vehicle’s warranty?

Putting 37-inch tires on your vehicle may void your warranty, but it will depend on several factors, such as who manufactures your vehicle, who is going to install the tires, and what part of the warranty you are referring to. 

It’s such a nuisance to buy something and then find out there are caveats associated with it. And few of us want (or can!) take the time to read the 13+ pages of fine print that come with everything we purchase, including our vehicle warranties.

But certain vehicles are built for adventure and fun, and if you can’t alter them for that kind of use, then what was the point to begin with?

I love the automotive world, but I hate feeling in the dark when it comes to the rules around warranties. I also like to use my research ability to share with you the information I’ve gathered that can help you make an educated decision when it comes to your vehicle’s warranty.

What You Need To Know About 37-Inch Tires And Your Truck’s Warranty

So many of us like the idea of being able to modify our vehicles after we buy them. And the options are endless! There are so many lift kits, mud flaps, and other cool accessories that can make your ride more functional and fun.

One of the best advantages of bigger tires is that they will allow your truck or SUV to traverse terrain they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 

For off-roading enthusiasts, significant ground clearance is important. As will having tires that can really help keep your vehicle’s underbody from hitting obstacles in its way. 

But before you invest your hard-earned money in new tires, you will want to know if there are any consequences to your modifications when it comes to your truck or SUV’s warranty coverage.

Most new vehicles come with warranties of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. You can also buy extended warranties if you think you’ll need one.

But, when it comes to your basic already-in-place warranty, let’s find out if putting 37 inch tires on your vehicle will void it, in what circumstances, and why.

Will Adding 37 Inch Tires Void Your Warranty 1 2 Will Adding 37-Inch Tires Void Your Warranty? 3 Factors

1. Who Is the Manufacturer?

Perhaps the biggest question when trying to figure out if new 37 inch tires are going to void your warranty is knowing who the manufacturer of your vehicle is. 

As with many things, different companies have different policies when it comes to modifying an SUV or a truck. 

Knowing what each one’s policy is will help you know if you can do it, and may even affect what type of vehicle you purchase before you even get around to the tire modification part. 

Ford – Ford makes trucks and SUVs in a variety of sizes and some come standard with 37 inch wheels. If you want to modify one that doesn’t, Ford will not cover under warranty any part of the vehicle that is damaged because of the larger wheels, like chassis or axle damage. 

GMC – Similar to Ford, GMC will not void your warranty entirely if you put bigger tires on your vehicle, but if the damage is to something like the transmission, they may say that the larger wheels were the cause of it and not cover the repair.

Jeep – Jeeps are all about ruggedness and off-roading fun, and Jeep owners know this. Though certain modifications may still void your warranty, Jeep is probably one of the most generous companies on this list when it comes to allowing modifications, such as larger tires to be put on their vehicles and not void your warranty.

Dodge – Dodge is another company that will never cancel your warranty completely, even if you put 37” tires on your vehicle. But, if they can prove the damage done to the drive train or axle is a direct result of the larger wheels, they aren’t going to cover it.

Hummer – If you’re looking to have massive tires on your truck or SUV, consider buying a Hummer. Many of these big guys already come with 37 inch tires installed on their frame. 

Toyota – Toyota knows its customers like to take certain vehicles out for some four-wheeling fun and their warranty seems to consider that. That said, any major issues, such as a transmission failure are going to be questioned, especially in a vehicle that is still under warranty.

The bottom line here is this: if you are thinking of putting 37-inch tires on your truck or SUV, it is a good idea to know what your manufacturer’s policy is regarding the warranty if any problems were to arise. It could save you big headaches later.

2. Who Is Going to Install the Tires?

If you are worried that 37-inch tires may void your vehicle’s warranty, you may also want to consider who is going to install the tires.

Many of us have a favorite mechanic or are loyal to a certain auto shop. 

These places are usually less expensive than dealerships and tend to provide excellent customer service, as they are part of your community in a way the big corporations can’t be.

But – if you are wanting to modify your vehicle by putting larger tires on it, you really want to think about letting the dealership where you bought the vehicle do the installation for you.

By having the original dealer’s mechanics install the 37-inch tires, you will form a relationship with them and can clarify while there how your new rims will affect any warranty policies before a problem can arise.

They can also inspect your truck or SUV and make sure there are no current issues that would become worse if 37 inch tires are installed.

This way, if you do have an issue down the road, you can go back and refer to the original agreement you had with them when the tires were placed on your vehicle. 

3. What Part of the Warranty Are You Referring To?

Finally, in order to know if 37 inch tires are going to void your vehicle’s warranty, you’ll want to know your warranty well.

Many of us just hear “3 years or 36 miles” and don’t think much beyond that. 

At least, we don’t think about it until we have to.

But, if you are someone who is planning on doing modifications to your vehicle and are looking forward to using it in ways other than just transporting you back and forth from work or school, it is worth digging into your warranty and understanding the fine print.

Car companies have whole teams of professionals who write warranties in a way to satisfy their customers while also making sure they are protecting themselves and their profits.

You need to know that paperwork if you are worried that anything you may do will void that warranty.