Can A Kia Telluride Be Flat Towed?

The Kia Telluride is one of the most capable SUVs on the market today. It debuted in 2020, and it offers great features whether you want to tow a trailer with it or you want to tow it behind a trailer. The SUV can tow 5,000 pounds, while some of its competitors such as the Subaru Outback XT, can only two 3,500 pounds. 

Can you take the Kia Telluride on an adventure or will it be challenging to tow? Can the Kia Telluride be dinghy towed?

Can A Kia Telluride Be Flat Towed? 

No. You cannot dinghy tow the FWD and the AWD model of the Kia Telluride. You can only dolly-tow the FWDA model while the AWD model has to be towed with all four wheels on the ground on a trailer. 

The Kia Telluride was designed to offer a great combination of comfort, safety, and convenience, but it’s not one of their models that can be flat towed. When you tow it, you will love how powerful it feels when you take it to explore near your camping ground. 

What are the Features of a Kia Telluride That Make it a Good SUV to Tow Behind a Motorhome? 

Under the hood, the Telluride has a 3.4L 24-valve V6 engine that generates 291 horsepower and 262 pound feet of torque. The engine mates to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel drive is standard, but you can also go for the optional all-wheel drive model. 

Some of the standard features in the base LX model include 18-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control, leather upholstery, and selectable drive modes among others. You will also have technology features such as Bluetooth, five USB charging ports, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, and six-speaker stereo.

If you go for the top trim, the SX, you will enjoy even better features to make your trip more enjoyable. Some of these features include LED headlights, foglights, front parking sensors, dual sunroof, and an advanced driver information display. To keep you entertained during the trip, the SX has a 10-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system. 

If you pick the EX or the SX trim, you can also pick the optional Prestige Package that offers you premium leather, a heated and ventilated second row seats, a head-up display, and a household power outlet. You will also have heated row seats for the cold days. 

Is the Kia Telluride a Safe SUV? 

The Kia Telluride is a safe SUV when you venture off the road. When you want to explore the area around your camping area, the first thing you need to consider is safety. Once you have the needed equipment and the safety appliances, the SUV offers a host of safety features. 

Some of the safety features that the SUV offers include:

  • Safe exit assist
  • Rear occupant alert 
  • Driver attention warning 
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Blind spot detection
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Lane following assist

The above features are standard in all the trims, so you are safe regardless of what trim you choose. You can also have some optional safety features such as electronic stability control, hill start assist, and vehicle stability management. 

If you go for the top trim, you will enjoy even more great features such as blind spot view monitor, forward parking distance monitoring, highway driving assist, and many more that make the Kia Telluride a safe car to drive on and off the road. 

Kia Telluride combines safety, convenience, and great performance. If you get a Kia Telluride, you will have the safety and convenience you need to explore. 

Why Do You Need an Auxiliary Braking System? 

If you have towed a trailer at some point, you know that you need a braking system for the trailer. This is the same case when you tow a Kia Telluride. Having an auxiliary braking system helps you slow down faster, especially in the event of an emergency. 

If you are driving at a speed of about 60 mph, you should be able to stop within 20 feet. With a braking system, you will have more control of the Kia Telluride you are towing behind you. You will reduce the likelihood of an accident significantly.

If you have a large motorhome, you may feel as if it is not important to have an auxiliary braking system. Your motorhome will stop with the dinghy vehicle behind it, but the stopping distance will be increased. If you are driving at a high speed on the highway, and you find that the traffic is at a stop, you will need to stop immediately – you cannot do that with the motorhome brake system alone. 

An auxiliary braking system keeps you safe. In most states in the U.S. and in Canada, the law requires that a dinghy vehicle have its own braking system. The laws in different states will differ, but they also pertain to the stopping distance and the weight of the trailer. 

When you tow the Kia Telluride behind your motorhome, it becomes a trailer according to the U.S. Federal Law. Even if you live in a state that doesn’t require you to install an auxiliary brake system, such as Missouri, you still need to install the brakes to be safe on the road. You may also need to travel outside the state of Missouri in which case you will need a supplementary braking system. 

Today, most towed trailers and vehicles use a portable braking system. These are advanced designed to engage when you step on the brakes of the motorhome. The portable braking system is fixed between the driver’s seat and the brake pedal. 

When you depress the brake pedal, the brakes of the Telluride engage. If you would ever want to tow any other car other than the Telluride, a portable braking system can be a great option. If you do not plan to tow any other vehicle except the Telluride, you can install a permanent braking system. 

A permanent braking system will require more time to install, but once installed, it is stable. You have to consider the cost of installation of the permanent braking system. Once installed, the permanent braking system will stay in your vehicle and will not need any changes. 

Can the Kia Telluride Tow a Camper if Need Be? 

Yes, Kia Telluride can tow a small caper. Kia Telluride is in competition with models such as the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, Subaru Ascent, and Honda Pilot. Most of these models can tow more than 5,000 pounds, which is what the Telluride tows. For instance, the Ford Explorer can tow up to 5,600 pounds.

If you have a medium sized camper, say one that weighs 4,000 pounds, the Kia Telluride may not tow that unless you remove all the fittings you may have, reduce the cargo you carry, and carry a few passengers. 

There are so many factors that affect the final towing capacity. To be on the safe side, you need to avoid overloading the Telluride or getting close to the maximum towing capacity. The closer you load to the towing capacity of the SUV, the more the risks you face on the road.

The SUV will also perform poorly, especially at high speeds and when you are taking a turn. One of the challenges that you will face with the Telluride is that the model only comes with a four-pin connector for all the electronics for your camper. Most of the other SUV models that can tow have an advanced seven-blade connector. 

You will still get the lights working even with the four-pin connector, but you cannot connect other accessories that you need. You cannot connect a brake connection, and you will also not have a power connection to charge the onboard batteries in your camper. 

Because most of the trailers you tow are small, you cannot drive without a camper brake system. The 2021 and the 2022 models will have the seven-pin connector, so you will not have an issue with connectors. 

Closing Thoughts

As long as you have the right equipment, you can tow with great ease. You need to get baseplates designed for a Telluride and tow bars that will accommodate the weight of your Telluride. Most of the baseplates and tow bars today can accommodate even the largest SUVs, but you still need to check the weight rating to ensure they are the right equipment for your Telluride. 

Besides the major equipment, you will need some accessories such as braking system, protective shield, and wiring for the lights. These accessories make the tow more convenient and make it safe for you on the road. For instance, the towed vehicle lights ensure that other motorists can see the Telluride when at night and when you are braking. 

Before you tow your Telluride behind a motorhome, check the laws on flat towing in your state. Again, check the user manual of your Telluride to see what the automaker says. Once you have these two instructions, you can go ahead and buy the equipment you need to make the tow.

If you have a two-wheel drive model, you can dolly tow it, or you can install a transmission lube pump.

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