How Much Does It Cost To Vinyl Wrap A Jeep Wrangler?

In this article we will give an overview of how much you can expect to spend when wrapping a Jeep Wrangler with vinyl. We will cover such topics such as what a vinyl wrap is, how a vinyl wrap is done, and why you should get a vinyl wrap for your Jeep Wrangler.

Before walking into the shop to get a vinyl wrap for your Jeep, you may want to get a better idea of what to expect and we are here to help with this handy buying guide for Jeep Wrangler vinyl wraps.

How Much Does A Vinyl Wrap For Jeep Wrangler’s Cost?

On average, you can expect to spend between $1,200 and $4,500 on a vinyl wrap for a Jeep Wrangler.

Why is a vinyl wrap expensive?

Why is a vinyl wrap expensive? The total cost includes the cost of supplies such as the vinyl siding, tools such as a heat gun, and the cost of labor. The labor for wrapping a Jeep Wrangler is a lot because it takes patience, precision, and skill. Here is a breakdown of the costs of vinyl wrapping a Jeep Wrangler.

What factors affect the price of a Jeep Wrangler vinyl wrap?

Here is a list of the factors that will affect the price of wrapping a Jeep with a vinyl wrap.

The price can vary, mostly depending on the following factors. Reviewing the costs individually can help you determine what decisions to make when it comes to picking out a vinyl wrap for your own Jeep Wrangler.

The Type of Vinyl

The kind of vinyl used in the production of the vinyl wrap will have an effect on the overall price.

There is vinyl siding available on the market that is made specifically for Jeeps, and using the right kind of siding is essential. The brand, color, and quality of the vinyl will all have an effect on the price.

You are usually looking at spending at least $1,000 on the vinyl alone for a full wrap for a Jeep Wrangler.


The brand of vinyl will have an effect on the price. Some vinyl wraps are made specifically for Jeeps, these will be the best to purchase for a Jeep Wrangler.

If you are getting the wrap done at a shop they may be able to recommend to you the best vinyl wraps that are available to them. For the best results you should buy your vinyl from a reputable manufacturer.


Some colors of vinyl are easier to produce than others. If you want vinyl that is custom printed you should expect to pay premium fees. Popular colors of vinyl include camouflage, black, and blue.

If there is glitter to the vinyl or a holographic color effect this can be more expensive as well. Although the purpose of a wrap is to protect the paint from scratches, there is no reason why you can’t have fun with the color and print of the vinyl wrap.

A vinyl wrap is expensive, so you should pick a color and style that you really like. 


The most important feature of the vinyl is the quality. You want the vinyl to be able to lay down easily and flat, without any air bubbles.

For the best results you should only use high-quality vinyl for the vinyl wrap, otherwise it could come out with wrinkles in the wrap, air bubbles, or worse it could ruin the paint job underneath.

High-quality vinyl siding is made to apply to the car without ruining the paint job so that it can be removed one day.

Why is a vinyl wrap expensive?

How does a vinyl wrap work?

A vehicle wrap is a temporary sticker that is laid down over the top surface of a car to temporarily change its color. A vinyl wrap is a little different than a regular car wrap.

A vinyl wrap is not just for aesthetic purposes.

The vinyl will protect the paint job and the car from scratches. This is why a lot of people like to use a vinyl wrap for their Jeep Wrangler because it is an effective way to protect the body of the Jeep Wrangler from scratches and other surface damage while off-roading.

Usually a vinyl wrap can be removed when desired without damaging the car or the paint underneath.

  1. Measurements

Before the car wrap can begin accurate measurements should be taken of the car.

This step is important for getting an accurate estimate of the costs before starting because it will let you know exactly how much vinyl is needed as well as indicate about how much time might be needed to complete the job as well. After measurements of the car have been taken, the next stage can begin.

  1. Printing the Vinyl

In the case of a customer vinyl wrap, the wrap will need to be designed and manufactured based on the measurements taken.

If it is not a custom design, the measurements will need to be used to determine how much vinyl is needed and then it can be measured and cut for application.

The vinyl is produced to be super strong to protect the car against scratches and other damage.

  1. Installing the Vinyl

Installing the vinyl takes skill and patience. It needs to be laid down flat so that there are no wrinkles or air bubbles.

The car needs to be squeaky clean before beginning the wrap process, because any dirt, grease, or other particles trapped beneath will mess up the vinyl wrap. 

Even the most expert installers may occasionally have a wrinkle or air bubble in a full wrap, but there are ways to prevent this.


When installing a vinyl wrap there is a list of tools that will be needed. Usually a heat gun is used to apply the vinyl and this is one supply that most people do not keep at home.

A detailing towel is also needed in order to press down on the vinyl and flatten it down smoothly and firmly. There are tool kits available online specifically for wrapping a Jeep Wrangler.


Additional supplies that you may need when wrapping a Jeep Wrangler include safety supplies for the person doing the wrap.

These safety supplies include things like non slip shoes, goggles, and gloves. Gloves are important to make sure that there are no hand injuries from the heat gun.

You will also need supplies for cleaning the Jeep Wrangler. You need the surface of the Jeep to be as clean as possible before beginning wrapping the vehicle. You will want to completely detail the outside of the car.

The best soap to use is a degreasing dish soap, as these usually do the most effective job of cutting through grease.

Things To Consider

In this section of the article we will give a list of the things to consider when thinking about doing a vinyl wrap on your own Jeep.

Whether you are doing a vinyl wrap to add a customer design to your Jeep Wrangler, or you want to protect the Jeep Wrangler from scratches during off-roading activities, this article can help by laying out all the features to keep in mind when shopping for vinyl and thinking about how to wrap your own Jeep Wrangler with a vinyl wrap.

Why is a vinyl wrap expensive?

Type of Wrap

The kind of wrap that you use will depend on whether or not you are selecting it for aesthetic or functional purposes. You also want to think about the color of the vinyl or if you want a custom print pattern.

The brand is also important because some brands of vinyl siding may stick to your paint and ruin the paint job. The best brands of vinyl siding will be able to be removed from the side of the car without hurting the paint job underneath.


The color of the vinyl wrap is completely up to you! You can go with red, blue, or black or you can even get fun colors that have glitter, shine, or a pattern such as camouflage.

You can get whatever color vinyl you want, and because you are probably investing a good bit of money into the vinyl wrap, you should get whatever color you want. There is high-quality vinyl available in any color or you can have it custom made.

Custom Print Vinyl

Having the vinyl siding custom printed is a little bit extra, but since you are already investing in your car why not go all the way?

You can get a picture such as a photo on your custom print vinyl siding for Jeep Wranglers, or you can get a custom pattern or color. The options are endless when it comes to customer print vinyl siding for cars, but be aware that the price will continue to go up and up the crazier you get.


The price of vinyl is not cheap, and the price of labor is what really makes the process so expensive. If you want a custom print vinyl the labor and the time will be even more, bumping the cost up by at least a few hundred if not a thousand dollars. Certain colors will also be more expensive. The brand of vinyl siding will also affect the price.

Another aspect of the vinyl siding job for Jeeps that has an effect on the cost is what shop you go to for the vinyl siding or whether you do it yourself. You could save money doing a vinyl job yourself, but it is a task that takes the right tools, skill, and a lot of patience.

Tips For Vinyl Wrapping a Jeep Wrangler

We have given you an overview of how much it costs to wrap a Jeep Wrangler and what features you should think about when wrapping your own Jeep Wrangler.

In this section of the article we will give you a list of tips from the experts on how to vinyl wrap a Jeep. These tips can help you get the best results from your Jeep Wrangler wrap job.

Make sure the Jeep Wrangler is completely clean.

If there is any sort of dirt, grease, or debri on the surface of the Jeep it can mess up the wrap job. You want to make sure that the surface of the Jeep Wrangler has been completely detailed before you begin the wrap job.

The best soap for cleaning cars is simply dawn dish soap or another degreasing dish soap because they do an effective job at cutting through grease without leaving a residue behind unlike other soaps.

You do not need a fancy car soap to get the car spotless, just use water, a detailing brush, towel, and soap.

Go to a reputable shop to get the wrap job done.

It may be tempting to do a Jeep Wrangler wrap job yourself at home. If you have the right tools and are confident in your abilities, you may want to attempt to vinyl wrap a Jeep Wrangler yourself.

We do recommend going to a reputable shop for the best results. If you try to wrap the Jeep yourself and fail you may end up spending more money in the long run than you would have if you had gone to a shop in the first place.

Use the right tools to get the job done right.

So let us say that you are going to do the vinyl wrap job yourself. If you are confident in your abilities and you have enough time, why not save a few hundred or thousand dollars doing the work yourself.

You can order the vinyl online and the tools online. If you are going to do the vinyl wrap job yourself, the best thing you can do for yourself is make sure that you have all the appropriate tools before you get started.

There are bundles that you can purchase online that will contain all of the tools that you need for doing a vinyl wrap such as the detailing tools, gloves, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Wraps

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vinyl wraps.

If you want to know whether or not you can vinyl wrap a Jeep Wrangler yourself, what a vinyl wrap is, what the benefits of vinyl wrap are, and how much a vinyl wrap costs, keep reading.

Can you vinyl wrap a Jeep Wrangler yourself?

Yes, if you have the right tools you can wrap a Jeep Wrangler yourself. However, if you do a bad job and end up having to go to a shop to get it done right you may end up spending more money than you would have if you had gone to a shop in the first place.

Doing a vinyl wrap isn’t hard, it just takes a lot of time, patience, and precision that most people do not have.

Even the best vinyl wrappers can sometimes leave wrinkles and air bubbles in a full body wrap so that is nothing to stress about.

The most important part of a vinyl wrap for Jeep Wranglers is to use the right tools to keep yourself safe and effectively get the job done.

What is a vinyl wrap?

A vinyl wrap is like a sticker that you wrap around the car. It can be done on many different types of cars, but one type of car that benefits from a vinyl wrap a lot is a Jeep Wrangler.

Vinyl can be applied to the surface of the car with heat, and the vinyl should be able to be removed whenever you want, such as if you want to switch to another color.

The vinyl is also meant to prevent scratches as well as changing the color, so if it becomes scratched up you can simply switch out the vinyl wrap with a new one.

What are the benefits of a vinyl wrap?

There are many benefits to getting a vinyl wrap. One benefit is that it allows you to temporarily change the color of your car.

You can even have a custom made vinyl wrap desinged that features whatever words and pictures that you want. You can get a pattern or a glittery color. There is no limit to what you can print on a vinyl wrap.

Another benefit of a vinyl wrap that is perfect for Jeep Wranglers is that it can help protect the Jeep Wrangler from scratches.

A vinyl wrap will get scratched up instead of the car, so if you go off-roading the Jeep gets scratched up you do not have to worry about it as much because it is just the vinyl wrap. Instead of painting a car, getting a vinyl wrap may be ideal because it protects the car.

How much is a vinyl wrap?

The cost of a vinyl wrap can vary greatly, but at the very least you can expect to spend between $1,200-$1,500. On the high end, a vinyl wrap for a Jeep Wrangler could cost up to $5,000.

The price depends on factors such as the type of vinyl, what brand, color, and quality the vinyl is, and how much time and labor has to go into doing the wrap job itself.

Jeeps are perfect for a vinyl wrap because the vinyl will help protect the Jeep from damage during off-roading adventures. If you are going to vinyl wrap a Jeep yourself, make sure you use high-quality vinyl and all the right tools to get the job done right.

How Much Does It Cost To Vinyl Wrap A Jeep Wrangler?

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