Can A Dodge Ram 1500 Be Flat Towed?

There is little reason to wonder why the Dodge Ram 1500 is such a popular truck. It ticks off all the boxes owners would want from a great truck: it has a powerful engine, a spacious and roomy interior, and a smooth, quiet ride.

And did we mention it has a maximum towing capacity of 12,750 lbs? It is a great truck through and through but many people are wondering what to do if their Dodge Ram 1500 needs to be towed.

Can A Dodge Ram 1500 Be Flat Towed?

Whether or not your Dodge Ram 1500 can be flat towed depends on your drive model. If you have the two-wheel-drive model, you cannot flat tow your Dodge Ram 1500. If you have the four-wheel-drive model, you can flat tow your Dodge Ram 1500, but it is not recommended. .

The 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 owner’s manual provides two different sets of instructions based on what wheel drive your Dodge Ram 1500 has, so it’s important not to get these two mixed up.

What Is Flat Towing?

Before we dive into whether or not a Dodge Ram 1500 can be flat towed, let’s discuss what flat towing means. While most drivers understand the basics of it, we also know that some drivers do not know what flat towing means and that is okay.

You may have seen a car being flat towed before but not know what the correct term is. Did you know that flat towing is also called “dinghy towing”? Kudos to you if you did and if you did not, well now you know! The next time someone asks you about dinghy towing, then you will know exactly what he or she is talking about. 

Flat towing, also known as “four-down” or “dinghy” towing, is a method of towing that involves attaching a tow bar to your vehicle and allowing it to roll behind the towing vehicle on it’s own four wheels.

Vehicles that were suitable for flat towing used to be more common, but now, with so many fancy electronic features from transmissions to wifi, you may need to do some research before buying a vehicle if flat-towing is something you’re interested in.

Not only is it important to ensure that your vehicle can be flat-towed, you also need to check the vehicle’s warranty before buying the vehicle you want to flat tow. Some companies may void your warranty if you use a different manufacturers towing equipment or if you tow your vehicle incorrectly, which can seriously damage your transmission.

Here’s a quick guide to determining whether or not your vehicle can be flat towed (though it’s always important to check the owners manual too):

  • If the vehicle has rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, it can be flat towed, or
  • If the vehicle has four-wheel drive and a manual transfer case that can be placed in neutral, it can be flat towed.

How Can I Tow My Two-Wheel Drive Dodge RAM? 

If you have the two-wheel-drive model, you cannot flat tow your Dodge Ram 1500. Here is what you should to do instead:

The best way to tow your vehicle is with all four wheels off the ground using a flatbed. This causes the least amount of wear and tear on your RAM.

If flatbed equipment is not available, and the transmission is operable, the vehicle may be towed with it’s rear wheels on the ground only if:

• The transmission is in neutral.

• You do not drive faster than 30 mph (48 km/h) while towing

  • You are not driving farther than 30 miles (48 km) while townig.

If the transmission is not operable, or the vehicle must be towed faster than 30 mph (48 km/h) or farther than 30 miles (48 km), tow with the rear wheels of the ground.

Acceptable methods are to tow the vehicle on a flatbed, or with the front wheels raised and the rear wheels on a towing dolly, or (when using a suitable steering wheel stabilizer to hold the front wheels in the straight position) with the rear wheels raised and the front wheels on the ground.

How Can I Tow My Four-Wheel Drive Dodge RAM?

If you have the four-wheel-drive model, you can flat tow your Dodge Ram 1500, but it is not recommended. Better alternatives are to tow the vehicle on a flatbed or with one end of the vehicle raised and the opposite end on a towing dolly.

If flatbed equipment is not available, you can flat tow your four-wheel drive Dodge RAM 1500 if

  • The transfer case is operable
  • The vehicle is towed facing forward
  • The transfer case is in Neutral
  • The transmission is in Park.

Front or rear wheel lifts must not be used (if the remaining wheels are on the ground). Internal damage to the transmission or transfer case will occur if a front or rear wheel lift is used when towing.

Dodge Ram 1500 And Flat Towing 

As Carmax has mentioned, one of the best ways to know if your car is flat towed is by simply checking your owner’s manual. Most people tend to neglect their owner’s manual and we understand why.

Why sit there and read all about your brand-new car when you can simply drive it, right? We get it. However, as a driver, there is more to it than simply driving a nice car. It is knowing how to take care of your car.

The best way to take care of your car is to not mess it up in the first place and most people do not purposely aim to mess up their car but that is what happens when you do not read the owner’s manual. So take a few minutes out of your day and at least go over the important stuff: towing, what kind of gas your car takes, etc. Trust us, you will not be sorry. 

So there you have it. All of this information can be found in your Dodge Ram 1500’s owner’s manual and we highly suggest checking it out. 

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