DO NOT Use This Paint On Your Dash!



New Dash Paint:

Another day, another Jeep project underway. One of the many projects I worked on this weekend was to paint the dash a nice clean satin black.

Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong!

You see, I purchased the paint at the local auto store. Typically, I order my Jeep stuff from Amazon where I can study all of the reviews before making a purchase… bnot this time <sigh>.

If I had read the reviews on Amazon first (read them here), I would have known NOT to use this paint.

For your information, here is a photo of the paint NOT to use:

Matte Finish Trim Paint, #Jeep

The reason you should not use it, is it dries with a greenish tint. When it first goes on it looks great, but once it dries, it has this strange tint that gives the impression of green undertones… Just don’t use it.

Instead, use one of these:

I used the Krylon Satin Black, and I think it turned out great (so far).
As I sit here writing this, the dash is sitting in the garage curing. I guess one good thing about the 90+ degree weather is paint dries fast. From reading the instructions is said to let the paint cure for a while so I decided to leave it for a few days before re-installing the dash trim. Plus, I had several other dash projects to work on.

Take a look at how crisp the dash panel looks…


Matte Finish Trim Paint, #Jeep


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