Nissan Titan: What Does Tow Mode Do?

Thinking about towing with a Nissan Titan? Are you curious what tow mode does and how it helps when towing with the Titan truck? If so, this article is for you.

Every year trucks are improved and enhanced, with all of these improvements come an abundance of new features. One of these newer features is tow mode, but what exactly does tow mode actually do?

What Does Tow Mode Do?

The tow mode on the Nissan Titan improves the vehicle’s towing capabilities. It also promotes the driver’s experience in towing these heavier loads. The addition of the tow mode feature promotes the safety of the Nissan Titan’s driver and increases the maximum weight that the Titan can tow.

Let’s expand on the uses of tow mode. Below are the answers to some common questions regarding the feature and an expansion on the enhanced performance of the Nissan Titan provided by the tow mode feature.

What Are the Nissan Titan’s Towing Capabilities with the Addition of Tow Mode?

The Nissan Titan already offers almost ten-thousand pounds in towing capability. This incredible amount is amplified by the addition of the tow mode feature. The total capability with the addition of tow mode varies depending on the model of the Titan.

There are a variety of Nissan Titan models, but the maximum towing capability of these models is nine-thousand, seven-hundred, and forty (9,740 lbs) pounds. This is an insane amount of weight. This capability changes depending on the truck model. The features associated with the tow mode also enhance the towing capabilities of this truck.

What Are the Primary Benefits of Tow Mode

Tow mode offers a large number of benefits. These benefits allow the driver enhanced safety and larger tow capabilities. One of the benefits offered by the Nissan Titan’s tow mode is better braking capabilities. The mode also enables the driver better control over the vehicle’s speed. This is especially true when traveling up and down large hills.

The tow mode operates by adjusting the truck’s transmission shift patterns. All of the benefits combine to offer you maximum safety and control while handling excessively heavy loads.

The addition of tow mode also protects certain parts of the truck from extreme wear and tear. Towing heavy loads can have a negative effect on the truck’s transmission, engine, and braking system. The use of tow mode when hauling these heavy loads helps to protect these parts of your vehicle.

How To Use Tow Mode On A Nissan TItan?

The tow mode is activated by pressing the tow mode switch. Once the switch is pressed, the indicator light will shine on the instrument cluster. The tow mode switch is generally located on the vehicle’s dash.

Tow mode will automatically shut off when the truck is shut off. This makes it less likely that you will accidentally leave it on. When the vehicle is fired up again, the tow mode switch will need to be reactivated.

When to Use Tow Mode

Tow mode should be used whenever your truck is hauling a heavy load. Tow mode is especially useful when driving through hilly terrains. The mode will improve the vehicle’s braking and maintain a reasonable speed while traveling up and downhills.

Tow mode is also useful in situations where a loaded vehicle may need to come to sudden stops. This makes the feature incredibly useful in parking lots and stop and go traffic. That said, tow mode is not recommended in wintry weather conditions.

When you use tow mode on snowy or icy roads, you will lose traction. This will allow sliding to occur far more easily and result in less control of the vehicle.

What Are the Limits on the Nissan Titan’s Tow Mode?

The tow mode on Nissan Titan’s does have a few reasonable limitations. The first being that it loses traction on icy roads. This limitation is primarily related to the tow mode’s use on icy roads when the truck is not pulling a heavy load.

The Titan’s tow mode can still be used during the winter, provided that the truck is pulling something heavy. The tow mode should not be used for the purpose of controlling the vehicles on ice.

Nissan Titan: What Does Tow Mode Do?
How To Use Tow Mode On A Nissan TItan?
What Are the Nissan Titan’s Towing Capabilities with the Addition of Tow Mode?

The second limitation is that depending on the model of the truck, it should not pull any weight exceeding its capabilities. As the pulling capability is over nine-thousand pounds, that should not be a problem.

The third limitation is not so much a limitation, as a general rule of thumb. This is that the truck should not exceed the speed limit while using the tow mode. This mode improves the driver’s ability to handle heavy loads and allows for easier braking. It can handle these things at any legal speed limit.

What Will Happen If I Accidentally Leave or Turn Tow Mode On?

If the tow mode is accidentally left on after you’ve finished hauling your heavy load, the truck will be fine. It will do no harm to the vehicle at all. However, leaving tow mode on can result in higher fuel consumption.

Tow mode can improve the vehicle’s handling through rough terrains. This mode is often used when the vehicle is traveling through mountains or handling sharp turns.

What Exactly Does Tow Mode Do?

Tow mode allows your truck to take on heavier loads with ease and without risk to the driver’s safety. It does through the reduction in your truck’s shift cycles and adjusting the transmission’s shift patterns.

Tow mode plays a large role in protecting the truck’s brakes. This is done by downshifting sooner than normal, in an attempt to slow the heavyweight of the truck down without grinding the brakes.

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