Can You Tow A Nissan Rogue Behind An RV? Here’s The Surprising Answer!

There is plenty to love about the Nissan Rogue, and here are a few reasons why so many customers sing its praises: super quiet cabin ride, spacious cargo, great Bose Sound System, and excellent secure brakes.

Like we have said, these are just some of the many reasons. For these reasons alone though, it makes many drivers want to take their Nissan Rogue on a long road trip. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering, “Can you tow a Nissan Rogue behind an RV?”

Nissan Rogue 2020 Model Year
Nissan Rogue 2020 Model Year

You are not the first person to wonder this nor will you be the last. With that said, let’s find out, shall we?

Can You Tow A Nissan Rogue Behind An RV?

Can you tow a Nissan Rogue behind an RV? Yes!

This method is also known as flat towing.

How do we know? Well, Nissan’s official driver’s manual says so. A frequently asked question on Nissan’s webpage is, “Can the Nissan Rogue be flat towed?” and Nissan answered with, “Yes. Whenever flat towing your vehicle, always tow forward, never backward.” They have also provided this tidbit of extra information:

Towing your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground is sometimes called flat towing. This method is sometimes used when towing a vehicle behind a recreational vehicle, such as a motor home.

CAUTION  Failure to follow these guidelines can result in severe transmission damage. Whenever flat towing your vehicle, always tow forward, never backward. DO NOT tow your front-wheel drive continuously variable transmission vehicle with all four wheels on the ground (flat towing). Doing so WILL DAMAGE internal transmission parts due to lack of transmission lubrication. For emergency towing procedures refer to “Towing recommended by NISSAN” in the “In case of emergency” section of this manual.

Continuously Variable Transmission

To tow a vehicle equipped with a continuously variable transmission, an appropriate vehicle dolly MUST be placed under the towed vehicle’s drive wheels. Always follow the dolly manufacturer’s recommendations when using their product.

Question: What Does Flat Towing Mean?

In case you were wondering what flat towing means or you have an idea but want a more extensive explanation, then we have got you covered. Here is a great article found on Let’s Tow to That website that breaks it down pretty well:

Doing a flat tow, or flat towing is a way to pull along a vehicle such that all four of its wheels are on the ground.

Flat towing is also called dinghy towing, neutral towing, or four-wheel towing, among other names. It’s a popular way to pull cars or four-wheel drive vehicles behind large trucks or motorhomes.

To do a flat tow, you only need a smaller set of equipment to hitch another car to your vehicle or RV. The time and effort needed to set up a flat tow are also minimal compared to the other towing methods.

Flat tow is a relatively simple system for towing a vehicle since you do not need to buy or set up trailers or dollies. Most of what you will need to do a flat tow are covered by a flat tow kit, assuming you have a vehicle that can be safely flat towed.

Flat towing is one of the three basic ways of towing vehicles, the other two being trailer towing and tow dolly towing. As one of several ways to bring another vehicle with you on a trip, flat towing offers some significant advantages.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this method as well, to the extent that trailer and dolly towing are the more popular options when it comes to towing a vehicle.

What Other Cars can be Flat Towed?

Now that you know that the Nissan Rogue can be flat towed, you might be wondering what other cars can be flat towed as well. If you are curious, then we have got you covered.

Check out this snippet from an awesome article found on Curt’s website; here are some other great vehicles that can also be flat towed:

 They also answer two very important questions: “What makes a vehicle suitable for RV towing?” and “How to Decide if your vehicle can be flat towed?”

What makes a vehicle suitable for RV towing?

For a vehicle to be suitable for RV towing, it must have a transmission disconnect option — not just putting the vehicle in neutral. The transmission needs to be “disconnected”.

A steering wheel lockout override is also essential. This allows the wheels to move freely with the towing vehicle, instead of veering off in a different direction. Vehicle manufacturers will indicate in the owner’s manual if a specific vehicle is suitable for towing behind an RV.

Typically, all-wheel-drive and 4×4 vehicles are best suited for RV towing.

How to Decide if your vehicle can be flat towed?

Questions such as, “Can you tow a Nissan Rogue behind an RV?” are very common, because doing so is popular.

A few different factors determine what vehicles can be flat towed. It all depends if they have specific features from the manufacturer, such as a transmission disconnect and steering lockout override.

Generally, AWD and 4×4 vehicles are more prevalent and preferred vehicles for flat towing. The following is a list of popular flat towable vehicles. When deciding if a vehicle should be flat towed, always consult your owner’s manual is the top authority.

If you are interested in learning more about flat towing and vehicles that can be flat towed, we would suggest checking out their article here. We would also highly suggest reading your Nissan Rogue’s owner’s manual it can be found online (as an easy to read and downloaded PDF) for free as well if you had lost the original booklet.

In Conclusion | Can You Tow A Nissan Rogue Behind An RV?

So, can you tow a Nissan Rogue behind an RV? Yes!

The takeaway here is to know that your Nissan Rogue can be towed behind an RV which is good news if this is what you have been wanting to do.

However, do take precautions to make sure that everything’s in order before you decide to do so. As in, make sure your RV is in stable condition as well as your Nissan Rogue.

Can You Tow A Nissan Rogue Behind An RV?

Flat towing can be a bit dangerous if you do not do it properly. Not just to yourself but those around you.

If you are interested in flat towing but do not know how to set it up, then we would highly suggest watching an online tutorial on Youtube (if you are a visual learner) or if you are someone who learns better by simply reading the steps then we would suggest finding an in-depth and detailed article.

Luckily, these learning materials are easy to find with a quick Google search and they are free.

We hope you found this article informative. If you know someone that would benefit from reading this article, then please do not hesitate to pass it along.

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