How Heavy Are Sunroofs?

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Sunroofs are aesthetically pleasing and may add a bit of functional touch. They let in natural light and give you great views. However, one is often left wondering if it’s worth it.

How Heavy Are Sunroofs How Heavy Are Sunroofs?

How heavy is a sunroof?

Installing a sunroof will add about 30 to 40 pounds to the car. For panoramic sunroofs, the excess weight added to the vehicle is about 60 lbs. Whether this is worth it remains a question to be answered by the owners since having a sunroof is mainly about preference.

We were curious to learn more about sunroofs and how much they weighed.

This led us to conduct research online, where we discovered that the average weight of sunroofs ranges from 30 to 60 pounds depending on whether the sunroof is a regular or a panoramic type. We further investigated the size, weight, and whether awe sunroof is an excellent addition to any car.

Choosing a Sunroof – Is it Worth It?

A sunroof is a solid panel (often colored) at the top of the car. It can pop up completely. There are other variations of sunroofs, namely the moon roof and panoramic sunroof.

The moon roof is more common in today’s vehicles. It is a solid panel, just like the original electric sunroof (or manual sunroof in an older car) but instead of popping out, the glass panel slides.

The panoramic sunroof on the other end is a larger sunroof that can open up and allow for more sunlight and fresh air.

One thing about car sunroofs is that they add extra weight to the car. Opponents will say this is an unnecessary addition to any vehicle because the excessive weight is also placed on the wrong part of the car. The fact that it is on the top of the vehicle means increased gravity and reduced stability.

Usually, the sunroof may add an average of about 30 to 40 pounds for the sunroof and moonroof and 60- pounds for the panoramic sunroof. The consequences of having the extra weight include increased fuel mileage and additional pressure/ strain on the vehicle’s components. In the end, this leads to increased maintenance.

In some cases, the weight added is higher. Take an example of a sedan with a glass panel on the roof of your vehicle. 

This will add an extra 60 to 80 pounds to the car compared to a conventional roof. If the sunroof is panoramic, the added weight can be between 120 to 200 pounds, which you get installed in luxury SUV vehicles. How much weight depends on the particular sunroof and vehicle.

What are the Size Specifications of Sunroofs

How Heavy Are Sunroofs 1 How Heavy Are Sunroofs?

Sunroofs differ in size and weight. This also affects the cost of getting the sunroof fixed. Larger sunroofs will cost more to buy and install.

On average, though, most sunroofs considered an economical choice range from 15’’x30″ to 20’’x38″ as the widest choice. However, there are several sizes between the smallest and largest economical sunroofs.

Sunroofs are made of glass material. The kind of glass also determines the cost. Screened or dot matrix glass sunroofs are cheaper because they are less costly to manufacture and only reflect 50% of the sun’s rays/ heat off the glass.

We also have higher-end sunroof glass made from cool solar reflective glass that resembles a one-way mirror. 

This is pricier because they cost more to the manufacturer but can reflect up to 93% heat from the sun off the glass. This means that the higher-end glass keeps you cooler but what one goes for depends on their preferences.

What are the Advantages of Sunroofs

How Heavy Are Sunroofs 2 How Heavy Are Sunroofs?

Sunroofs are extra accessories in most cars. Functionally, they add no primary value; a car/ vehicle can work perfectly without them. However, they are great for people who value their comfort and style.

Sunroofs are aesthetically pleasing and will make you appear classy and high-end. They give off a futuristic and sleeker appearance, a must-have for people who care about these aspects.

Besides that, sunroofs are also great for sightseeing, which is one of the main reasons why people get cars with sunroofs.

It enhances views of both the sun and stars. It also promotes better airflow, making sightseeing enjoyable, especially during summer.

A less obvious advantage of sunroofs is that they improve cell reception in patchy areas. This may not be easy to note if you drive in areas with excellent and consistent cell phone coverage. 

However, off-road drivers will appreciate this more, especially when they need to keep in touch with others.

Are there any Downsides to Owning a Sunroof

Sunroofs are great for fancy travelers. However, it has its downsides, especially for people not keen on spending extra money on a not-very-functional car accessory.

How Heavy Are Sunroofs 3 How Heavy Are Sunroofs?

High Expenses

Sunroofs are associated with high expenses both when installing and replacing them. Poor installation or a simple crack or damage on the sunroof glass leads to expensive repairs and replacement costs. 

Extra maintenance costs may be associated with getting a sunroof, especially if you have to watch out for leaks and breakages.

Minimizes Interior Space

Installing a sunroof means minimizing the headroom in the car. This may not be something that tall drivers will appreciate.

Weight and Functional Irrelevance

The biggest problem with sunroofs is the extra weight they add to vehicles. Regardless of the size or type of sunroof one chooses, having a sunroof adds excess weight that the car can easily do without.

This weight adds unnecessary strain to the vehicle and may affect performance or increase maintenance requirements. The sunroof may not have a primary function since it only enhances views and makes sightseeing fun.

This can still happen even without the sunroof.

For most people, the sunroof is only a beautiful addition but not necessary if you don’t have extra funds to spare. Coupled with the fact that they are expensive, sunroofs are not mandatory.

Deciding to own a sunroof for your car is a personal preference. Some people need them to show their class and status, while others require a unique sightseeing experience. Whatever your push, make sure to get the right one.

Key Takeaways

  • Sunroofs add extra weight to the vehicle, averaging 30 to 60 pounds.
  • Sunroofs have no primary function but are great for aesthetics.
  • Sunroofs come in different sizes, glass material quality, and cost.

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