Toyota Tacoma: Overpriced Or Worth The Cost?

Toyota Tacomas are the most used mid-size trucks on our roads today. It has a vast history of holding value. Tacoma is an off-road prowess with a wide variety of safety standards; its infotainment features portray outstanding capabilities and a user-friendly system. Toyota Tacomas have plenty of unique and stylish features that give the desired ride.

According to various researches, Toyota Tacomas has a ranking of 7.2 out of 10; it’s a decent compact Pickup with excellent hauling capacity. All Tacomas have smartphone integration techs like Amazon Alexa, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto.

If you’ve been dreaming of shopping for Toyota Tacoma, you should know that they are so expensive! The mid-size Pickup is considered the truck of money.

Many people across the United States love it, and they have used it for several years now. In its category, it was ranked number one in 2018, 2016, 2015, and 2013. Toyota Tacoma is reliable, right?

Reliability of Toyota Tacomas

Staying up at the top of the table for many years is not easy. Of course, Toyota Tacoma is a brand of reliability. Even after making thousands of miles, it holds its value, unlike the other compact trucks out there.

Although there have been bad years for Toyota Tacomas reliability, consumer reports have proven Tacomas to be among the fully functional compact trucks. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma was rated below the 2020 Ford Ranger and 2020 Honda Ridgeline. However, Toyota legends believe that the 2021 model will have tremendous improvements.

If you’re looking for a compact utility truck, you may bang your buck with Toyota Tacoma. Tacos have pretty bullets of history on their reliability, even if they are used trucks.

What is the Cost of Toyota Tacomas?

This is the question that might have been lingering in your mind from the start of this Tacoma review. Now you’re there. The price of the 2021 Toyota Tacomas starts from $ 26,150.

That is slightly above average for a truck under its category. TDR pro is at the top, with its average cost starting from $44,075.

The insurance rate of Toyota Tacomas depends on factors such as the truck’s coverage, deductibles, and the type of insurance cover you will choose. Credit score, gender, age, location, and driving history also has an impact on insurance rates.

What might be making Toyota Tacomas Expensive?

PerformanceToyota Tacoma is an excellent off-road machine. Its engine is not only impressive but also stronger. It delivers what it’s intended to do with ease.

SR and SR5 trims have underpowered 2.7L 4-cylinder engine that produces 159 horsepower. The majority of people prefer the 3.5L V6 with 278 horsepower. Toyota Tacomas have either a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual.

Each Toyota Tacoma has responsive handling. Its steering is a tad sporty. Besides, when working off-road, Tacoma has excellent capabilities. It has adaptive suspensions, skid plates, a rear locking differential, and strong shock absorbers. Toyota Tacomas have a towing capacity of up to 6800 pounds when it’s properly equipped.

The great off-roader has a four-wheel-drive model with very active traction control. The crawl control and the multi-terrain select works with the improved suspensions to ensure that the car is 9.4 inches above the ground and nothing stops it while on rough terrain.


According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the 2021 Toyota Tacomas have a safety rating of 4/5. The frontal crash and rollover tests have four stars, while the side crash has five stars.

The standard safety features of Toyota Tacomas include:

  • Warning on forward collisions
  • Automatic forward emergency braking
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Warning in lane deviation
  • Auto high-beam lights
  • Cruise control
  • Other advanced features are:
  • Parking sensors
  • Cross-traffic alerts
  • Blind sport monitoring

Fewer Options

Another big reason the Toyota Tacoma market is booming is the availability of fewer small and compact trucks. Anyone walking along the pickup market will be easily drawn to Toyota Tacomas.

With its long list of standard features, Tacomas are the most competitive vehicles that have ever existed in the current modern world. When looking for a compact truck, many advantages make you will consider Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tacomas checks all the customers’ boxes to appeal to many. The list of drawbacks related to this truck is very minimal. It’s made decently expensive because it has been “decently” created to pick up the trailing game.

It’s a potential choice because of its interior technology that is rare to find on other pickup brands. It’s a tough truck with a comfortable interior. You will surely find the internal environment relaxing and adequately spacious.

The soft-touch of the used materials enhances comfort. The rear window has the power-sliding feature to allow in some fresh air from behind.

The credible alternatives of Toyota Tacomas include Honda, Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado, and Nissan Frontier of the budget buyers.

What do people say about Toyota Tacomas?

It’s helpful to know what the current owners of Tacomas say. What do they like or dislike about their trucks?

Compared to other mid-size pickup owners. The Psychographics and demographics of the Toyota Tacoma owners are not different. According to the J.D Power statistics, more women own Tacomas.

The Tacoma truck owners’ favorite things include the stylish exterior and interior design, cool driving dynamics, enhanced safety and visibility, and the climate control system.

According to the current owners, the least favorite Tacoma features include the fuel economy, infotainment system, and storage and engine transmission.

What Experts Say About Toyota Tacomas?


Grille, wheel designs, and headlights are some of the changes that are not applied universally on every truck version. Attractive chain-link grille, LED running light and the machine-face wheels give the Pickup a technical and industrial appearance.

Interior: According to the Tacoma owners, the Interior design of Toyota Tacomas is the second favorite feature after exterior styling. This Pickup sits high above the ground; entry and exit are easier for the trailers only. This Tacoma has more sensibility rules inside but no frivolity.

Seats: Many complaints in the past were about the low driving position. That was solved and thanks to the 10-way power driver’s seat. It’s the adjustable seat, made standard on the SR5 trim.

It’s high, and for the taller people, they might find themselves ducking the head when exiting or entering the cab. The rear seat cushion is also pleasing to many. It sits higher to render a clear view of the outside nature. Taller guys again might feel unhappy because of less space for their heads and legs.

Climate Control System: Everything else in the Toyota Tacoma interior is easy to find, use and understand. The climate control system works effectively to help in cooling the truck. Opening all windows, power sliding glass, and the sunroof also works quickly to help dispense the excess heat.

Infotainment system: The significant change in the 2020 Toyota Tacoma is all about the infotainment system. The system itself is representative of a big upgrade. Scare glare of Tacoma can sometimes be a problem. However, its voice recognition system is very dynamic, failing only with numerous standard voice-prompt tests.

Storage: Toyota Tacoma has a good space for both the driver and the front passenger. Its glove compart is huge. Unfortunately, the bed size is average compared to other mid-size trucks.

Safety: In addition to its higher driving position, Tacoma also has aided visibility. The new camera enhancements in 2020 Tacoma are excellent. The panoramic view monitor displays on the infotainment screen what is behind, sideways, and in front of the Tacoma.

NHTSA has rated Toyota Tacoma safety with four stars. The safety connects feature of Tacoma makes it a noteworthy vehicle. Tacoma has been indicated a safer truck both on-road and off-road.

Engine transmission: Compared to other compact trucks, Tacoma owners might be a little bit dissatisfied with the engine transmission system. That might be due to its 2.7 L 4-cylinder engine on SR and SR5 trims. However, the TRD off-road Tacoma is proven to be stronger with louder acceleration.

Fuel Economy: TRD off-road Tacoma with 4WD is very thirsty. It has an average of 17mpg when unloaded and also when there is no passenger on board.

The Final Impression

Overpricing is not the name of Tacoma’s game. They are built to withstand several years of hardship, abuse, and immense duty. Toyota Tacomas have a longstanding both off-road and on-road reputation.

Its reliability clearly shows that it will not disappoint you. It’s already a great Pickup that is set to meet all your expectations.

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