The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most popular cars in the nation for a reason. It is a reliable vehicle that was first released in 1974 and is a vehicle buyers come to time and time again. However, despite the fact that it is such a reliable vehicle, insurance premiums for it are much higher than the national average.

If you are taking the steps to ensure you are making a sound financial decision while searching for your new car, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to get a good idea of how much monthly insurance will cost for your new Jeep Cherokee, and how to save money on your car insurance if that makes or breaks your decision to upgrade to this fantastic vehicle. 

Car Insurance: Average Cost To Insure A Jeep Cherokee

Your insurance payment for your new Jeep Cherokee will cost about $200 a month, up to almost double the national average for car insurance.

You may be wondering why insurance is so expensive for the Jeep Cherokee. Keep reading to discover the factors that insurance agents look at, and to see where you rank on personal factors that may bring your payments down to a more reasonable amount.

Jeep Cherokee Aren’t Cheap – With an Insurance Premium to Match

A brand new Jeep Cherokee starts at over $25,000. Not to be confused with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Cherokee is not an inexpensive SUV, and any upgrades past the base package will make your new vehicle a lot more expensive. As insurance companies have to pay out the cost of a replacement vehicle, the more expensive the car, the higher the insurance.

This is something to keep in mind while choosing your Jeep Cherokee. Even though it may seem like the monthly car payments are affordable, if you don’t consider higher insurance rates,  you’ll be in big trouble.

You might need to look at gently used vehicles instead of a brand new car in order to offset the price of a Jeep Cherokee. Thankfully, because it has been on the market since the ’70s, there are plenty of used options. An added bonus: buying a used vehicle will decrease your insurance costs as well. You can often find leased-only vehicles with very low mileage in great condition, and save a few thousand dollars in the process.

Keep on reading to see what personal factors are going to increase or decrease your insurance payments.

Car Insurance: Average Cost To Insure A Jeep Cherokee
2020 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk

What Makes Insurance for a Jeep Cherokee So Expensive?

While we have discussed the initial price of a Jeep Cherokee and how it affects your insurance costs, you may be surprised to learn that vehicle cost is not the only factor. Here are some key considerations insurance providers will look at when considering rates for your new Jeep Cherokee:

  1. Body Type – Insurance agents know Jeeps to be easily “flippable.” Their top-heavy nature will mean higher insurance costs as you are more likely to total the vehicle if it flips.
  2. Theft – While the Jeep Wrangler takes the cake for one of the most stolen vehicles out there – the good resale value of a Jeep Cherokee also makes it a target for theft. Insurance companies charge extra if your car is likely to get stolen.
  3. Safety – While you and your family will be very safe in a Jeep – the same rugged exterior that keeps you safe can be very hazardous to those around you on the road. Jeeps do a lot more damage in car accidents than similar or smaller vehicles, and insurance agents want to make sure that they are charging more for a vehicle that has the potential to wrack up hundreds of thousands in medical bills.
  4. Cost of PartsJeep uses high-quality and rugged materials for their vehicles, and parts can be expensive in the case of small accidents. If it is going to cost more to repair your vehicle even in a fender-bender, insurance companies will take this into account when giving you an insurance quote.
  5. Brand Perception – It may not be fair, but there is definitely a perception that Jeep owners are rough and rugged and may do risky things with their vehicles such as off-roading. In fact, there’s even an app for that. Insurance companies will take that into consideration, which is one of the reason’s why Jeep insurance, in general, is higher than for other brands of cars.

Other Factors to Consider When Getting Your Jeep Cherokee Insured

There will be many other factors that insurance companies will look at when determining what to charge you for insurance annually.  It is important to look at these other key factors to see where you stand. There are things that you may be able to fix, such as your credit score, before purchasing your new vehicle, which will save you on insurance costs. Here are some of these factors and how they will affect your insurance premiums:

  1. Gender and Age – The two curves of this graph overlap, and where you fall on the age scale will determine what your insurance costs will be. As a rule of thumb, younger men and older women pay the most, with the curve going in the opposite direction for both genders. If you are a younger man or an older woman, be sure to get a car insurance quote before purchasing a Jeep Cherokee.
  2. Marital Status – Your marital status will play a big roll in what insurance payments you will be making. Insurance agents know that married people are a lot less likely than single people to get into accidents. If you are thinking of tying the knot soon, it may be a good idea to wait to purchase your new Jeep Cherokee after the wedding if you can manage it.
  3. Where You Live – The number of accidents and the rate of traffic around your home will change what your insurance costs will be. Interestingly enough, people tend to get into more car accidents closer to home as opposed to farther away. If you live in a more rural area, you’re in luck, as that will save you money on your insurance payments.
  4. Credit Score – Even if your credit score is harmed by student loans and medical bills, insurance agents will take this as a sign of how responsible you are. If you have bad credit, you need to be prepared for higher insurance costs. This can be a problem as your car payments are likely to be higher with a heavier interest rate, as well.
  5. Profession – If you are currently working a position where you do a lot of driving, especially if you are likely to be tired, insurance agents will take that into account while they are calculating your risk. If you often bike to work or work from home, be sure to let an insurance agent know as this can save you a lot of money on the car insurance for your Jeep Cherokee.
  6. Driving History – If you are someone who gets into a lot of accidents or has had many tickets in the past three years, this is going to certainly affect your insurance costs. If you haven’t had a ticket in almost three years, it is best to wait until those points are off your record so that you can get the best rate possible.
  7. Driving Activity – If you know you are a safe and infrequent driver, be sure to ask your car insurance company to install a temporary activity monitoring device. They will use this data to lower your premiums when they see what a responsible driver you are. Save the off-roading for later.
Car Insurance: Average Cost To Insure A Jeep Cherokee
2020 Jeep® Cherokee Limited

How to Save Money on Insurance for a Jeep Cherokee

While not every Jeep Cherokee is going to have these features, it may be worth splurging for them as they can save you money year after year on your car insurance. Make sure to mention these to your insurance agent as they give you a quote.

  • Passive Restraint System – The inclusion of airbags and motorized seatbelts gives you a big car insurance savings.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes – Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and anti-lock brakes help ensure that you are safe on the road. Insurance companies will reward this.
  • Anti-Theft Devices – As we mentioned earlier, Jeeps’ are a prime target for car thieves. Insurance agents will have more peace of mind if your Jeep Cherokee comes with an anti-theft device.

Example of Insurance for a Jeep Cherokee

Here’s a quick example to show you what an insurance agent sees when they determine a car insurance payment of around $200 a month for a Jeep Cherokee is appropriate:

  • 2017 Jeep Cherokee
  • 10,000-15,000 annual mileage
  • No accidents in the past five years
  • An Anti-theft device included on the vehicle
  • Driver located in the State of New York
  • Good Credit (score over 700)

As you can see, insurance can be expensive even for a driver who doesn’t drive for work constantly, has a newer car with an anti-theft device, and good credit. While your insurance may be less expensive, it is important to speak to an insurance agent before purchasing your new Jeep Cherokee.

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