How Long Do Lexus RXs Last? (Answered!)

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Lexus is a trusted Japanese car manufacturer known for producing high-end vehicles. The brand has been rated as the best car brand for durable and reliable vehicles that last their customers years. The RX is one of their most popular models, especially for people looking for a dependable vehicle. 

A Lexus RX, on average, will serve you well for about 18 years or 275,000 miles. This is not a definite number, as other aspects contribute to the longevity of a Lexus. 

From maintenance to driving style, some factors can extend your Lexus’ life or shorten it. If you want to keep your Lexus in optimal condition, there are steps you can take and signs to recognize when your Lexus needs some love. 

Keep reading to learn about the average lifespan of a Lexus RX and our best advice for getting the most out of this car. 

Defining the Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is a beautiful vehicle with a lot to offer its owners, from high-end technology to quality car parts. If you’re considering buying a Lexus RX, here’s a quick breakdown of what the vehicle has to offer. 


The Lexus RX works with AppleCarPlay, Android functions, and has Alexa capability. Your phone and your car become one when you drive, which not only makes your driving safer but more convenient. 

The touchscreen and the high-end audio system leave you wanting little when it comes to this car’s technological capabilities. 


Lexus designs its cars to be stunningly attractive, but they don’t let their aesthetics get in the way of functionality. The design features power-folding third-row seats, triple-beam LED headlights, kick sensor on the rear door, F-sport exterior styling, and a panoramic sunroof that has become a Lexus design staple.

How Long Do Lexus RXs Last?


Lexus designed the RX with your and your family’s safety in mind. The vehicle includes blindspot monitors, adaptive front lighting, active front headrests, and a 10-point airbag system. 


When it comes to handling, the Lexus RX is rivaled by few. The car has all-wheel drive, active cornering assistance, thirty miles to the gallon, and 8-speed automatic transmission. All of these features combine to bring you a smooth and enjoyable driving and riding experience. 

Lexus RX Lifetime

Many people want to know what the lifetime of the car they’re buying is because no one wants a new car to fail after a handful of years. You may also feel this is pertinent information if you do a lot of driving, whether commuting or adventuring. 

In Miles

A standard Lexus RX should run for 250,000 to 300,000 miles before it becomes too worn to run efficiently. Once you hit this mileage mark, the Lexus will likely need constant repairs and no longer be a viable vehicle. 

Of course, it’s important to remember that not all miles are the same. If you take your Lexus RX off-roading, which we do not recommend, it’s going to wear down faster than if those miles were spent on a smooth, paved road. 

Consider how rough the roads you typically drive on are, and account for that when planning out the lifetime of your Lexus. 

In Years

If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, about 40 miles every day, the Lexus RX should last you between 16 and 20 years before it begins to wane in performance. If you drive more or less than 40 miles a day, you can expect this window to shift slightly.

However, cars like to be driven, so if you only drive your Lexus 2,000 to 5,000 miles a year, and it spends a lot of time sitting, the performance could suffer. Sitting cars are more likely to rust and need part replacement, especially in damp environments. 

Tips for Maintenance

We know you probably love your Lexus RX and wish it could last forever. Unfortunately, metal rusts and rubber wears down, so no car is immortal. But we do have some handy tips you can keep in mind when caring for your Lexus RX. 

Following our maintenance tips will help keep your Lexus running in tip-top shape for as long as possible. 

Drive Gently

This doesn’t sound super fun, we know, but it is possibly the best way to increase the longevity of your vehicle. A car that often brakes hard, accelerates suddenly, or turns sharply will suffer more wear and tear on all the parts. 

Our best advice for making your Lexus last longer is to slow down on your turns, come to stops gently, and in general, treat the vehicle with care. A driving instructor once told me to always drive like there’s a carton of eggs on my dashboard. 

How Long Do Lexus RXs Last? #Lexus

Take the Road More Traveled

The Lexus RX is not made for off-roading. If you’re trying to get as much time out of your RX as possible, it’s best to stick to the paved, soft roads in the middle of town. If you can avoid those small country roads and rocky mountain trails, your Lexus will thank you.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

This is an obvious one, but if it’s time for an oil change, get your oil changed; if your tire pressure is low, check your tires, and so on. Don’t neglect these things or procrastinate, as this can be harsh on the car parts. 

It’s always best to take care of these things earlier rather than later. For example, missing an oil change results in unlubricated parts that will grind and grate against one another. This likely means these parts will need replacing sooner than if you had taken care of the oil. 

Don’t Ignore Noises

If you hear a strange noise coming from your Lexus, don’t brush it off as your imagination or turn the radio up. Most drivers have been on the road for more than a decade, and they know when their car is misbehaving. Don’t ignore these signs as they could be symptoms of something serious.

Use a Trusted Mechanic

This is much easier said than done, but a mechanic you can put your faith in and take their word is crucial to keeping your car running for years. If you have to consistently go to different mechanics or aren’t sure yours is totally honest, your Lexus probably won’t receive the best care. 

Ask friends, read reviews, and do your research if you want to find a great mechanic. We know this is a tough task, but it will be worth it when your RX is still revving its engine in 15 years.

Bottom Line

Today, the average lifespan of a vehicle is about 12 years, so the Lexus RX surpasses many other models. The Lexus RX has an impressive lifespan, but that doesn’t mean it will run perfectly for two decades without any TLC. You’ll get the most out of your vehicle if you take good care of it and drive safely.

The combination of a quality Lexus vehicle and an attentive owner can result in a lovely twenty-year relationship full of pleasant twists and turns.