The Range Rover is a luxury SUV that can handle the off-roading tests you give it better than most others in its class. While some vehicles that try to both tasks can seem like they compromise quality in both areas, the Range Rover actually delivers in both arenas.

The luxuries found inside the Range Rover are actually worthwhile and the vehicle also can handle itself on trails quite well – just as well as many other SUV’s that are out there.

Today, we’re taking a look at “SWB” on the Range Rover, how it differs from “LWB” and some other interesting information about the vehicle.

What Does SWB Mean on the Range Rover?

What does SWB mean on the Range Rover? The term “SWB” stands for short wheel base. This stands in contrast to vehicles that have a “LWB” which stands for long wheel base. An easy way to remember this is that a SWB is a shorter vehicle and a LWB is a longer vehicle. Generally speaking, the SWB gives you better off-roading control while the LWB gives you a bit more comfort and a more luxurious drive.

Let’s break it down further to help you understand which may be the best option for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of SWB (Short Wheel Base) on a Range Rover

The short wheel base option for the Range Rover offers a lot of great benefits for drivers looking for a sporty vehicle.

If you have an SWB package, you are going to be less likely to get stuck whether you are off-roading on a trail or you’re stuck in some kind of tricky situation.

What Does SWB Mean on Range Rover?

This is important because many people have the expectation that a Range Rover should be a vehicle that can handle most terrains and can be their vehicle that allows them to go camping and go on various off-roading trails.

If your #1 buying priority is to get a vehicle that will handle off-roading trails well, then you should definitely go for a SWB because that is the biggest benefit you’ll find with this model.

On top of that, the performance of an SWB Range Rover can be a bit better on the street as well, especially when it comes to maneuverability. If you are going to be in city traffic or you need to make turns on narrow streets, the SWB is a good match for you because the smaller size of the vehicle will help you navigate successfully.

This ability to steer includes your trickier situations like making a three-point turn or needing a tighter turning radius in any kind of busy situation down on the city streets.

Many people will tell you that an SWB may feel more fun to drive and that they have a bit more of a sporty feel.

This makes sense because you are getting a smaller vehicle that should have tighter handling. Regardless of where you’re driving, having less “drag” on the back of your vehicle is definitely going to make it feel like you’re driving with more control and that you have a better feel for where you’re taking the vehicle.

The SWB packages don’t come without some drawbacks, however.

You may have a ride that isn’t quite as smooth with the SWB. Because your wheel bases are closer together, you have less time between your wheels hitting bumps, which may seem like a small difference but will take away from some of your potential comfort.

On top of that, the SWB package takes away from some of the potential space of your vehicle. That means that you have less storage for things like sports gear or camping equipment if you decide to head off-roading.

You also lose some space in the cabin that passengers would have. This can lead to a situation where everything feels a bit more tight for everyone riding along with you.

Some people don’t mind the spacing of an SWB, so you will have to find out more about your personal preference, but keep in mind that you are getting less space for things and less space for the people you bring along with you in an SWB.

Benefits and Drawbacks of LWB (Long Wheel Base) on a Range Rover

The LWB package for a Range Rover has a lot to offer to consumers who are looking for a comfortable ride and who want the luxury of more space in the cabin and in the cargo hold.

To start off with, the LWB is going to give a more comfortable ride than the SWB can offer. In a driving sense, the ride will be more comfortable because the wheels are farther apart and will give you some more cushion if you are on a road with bumps or some terrain that isn’t quite perfect.

That’s great news for those trying to ride with families or just want to have a ride that feels comfortable if they are going on longer trips.

One of the biggest benefits about an LWB setup is the fact that you get a lot of extra storage space. The Range Rover is a vehicle for people who are active and like to get out and do things, and having some extra space in your cargo hold can be the difference between taking everything you need and having to make some tough decisions.

It’s very likely that you’re going to be able to fit all of the equipment you want to bring along for the ride in an LWB Range Rover.

Your passengers are not going to feel “confined” in an LWB. This gives them the most room and for those passengers who are looking for leg room are going to be much happier in an LWB.

Everyone has different needs for this category; but if you are dealing with people who are taller or have bigger bodies, they may be much more comfortable with the longer vehicle.

The LWB can also get better fuel mileage than the SWB option because drivers seem to drive with less enthusiasm and don’t try to zip in and out of traffic.

However, the LWB can have worse performance than the SWB when it comes to off-roading terrain. Unfortunately, the SWB has a tighter handling package and will be slightly better in off-road and city situations where small handling adjustments matter more for the SWB due to its smaller size.

What Does SWB Mean on Range Rover?

The LWB may feel a bit less “fun” to drive due to its less sporty nature. You may need to drive a bit more carefully in the LWB over the long run, because the SWB is able to fit into spaces that the LWB won’t be able to hang with.


At the end of the day, the SWB and LWB models of the Range Rover have their benefits and drawbacks.

Your preference will probably depend on your needs and what you are looking for from your Range Rover. If you are looking for a roomy vehicle that has a lot of cargo space and delivers a comfortable ride no matter what, an LWB is a great choice.

If you value off-roading performance and a tighter handling package, then you are definitely going to lean towards the SWB (small wheel base) version of the Range Rover.

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