Can a Jeep Fit In a Toy Hauler?

Jeep owners are known for their love of the outdoors and their adventurous spirit. They love to find trails and explore the world around them. That being said, sometimes you need to get into situations that are a bit more extensive than you may have thought.

Being in a Jeep may be less than ideal for whatever reason. Whether your Jeep isn’t running or you simply need to haul it along for a ride, there are multiple reasons why someone would want to fit a Jeep into a toy hauler.

Can a Jeep Fit In a Toy Hauler?

So, can a Jeep fit in a toy hauler? Yes, some Jeep Wranglers can fit in a toy hauler. Jeep Wranglers weigh from 3,970 pounds to 4,449 pounds of curb weight, and current Jeep Wrangler models can measure anywhere from 166 inches to 188 inches long.

However, is this actually a good idea? For one thing, most vehicle length and weight specs can be different so you definitely want to measure for your specific set up.

In addition to the actual vehicle specifications, your hauler probably also has some different setup variables and weight restrictions.

It’s important to follow the guidelines that you have been given with your equipment because you do not want to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the Jeep Wrangler and see if they can be carried by a toy hauler.

The Jeep Wrangler is a bigger vehicle than most would usually take into a toy hauler. Current Jeep Wrangler models can measure anywhere from 166 inches to 188 inches long.

That’s quite a discrepancy when trying to make an across the board statement about whether a Jeep will fit into your hauler or not. The bottom line is that it simply depends on how much room you have.

However, to make a general statement, the smaller Jeep Wrangler models will probably have a much easier time trying to fit into a hauler than the longer ones.

188 inches is a big difference from 166 and those vehicles on the upper end of that scale are probably not going to fit. You should measure your specific model and the space to see where your cut-off is.

While the length is certainly a problem, weight will also come into play. Jeep Wranglers have anywhere from 3,970 pounds to 4,449 pounds of curb weight. These are some heavy vehicles that are probably bigger than most vehicles that are carried with a toy hauler.

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It’s highly likely that you may need a heavy-duty toy hauler or a commercial grade product to get up to that weight limit. However, if you do meet both of these requirements you could be good to go.

One thing that should be noted about the weight of your Jeep Wrangler is that this number accounts for the vehicle only.

If you have personal items or other items in the vehicle or on the trailer, you also need to be accounting for that weight as well.

It’s extremely dangerous to try and haul a payload that is overweight so you need to take an appropriate amount of caution when it comes to putting the weight of your vehicle on to the back of a hauler.

Overall, you’ll need to do a bit of math and check out the exact measurements of your Jeep Wrangler along with your toy hauler to see if you truly have a match that will work for you.

If you are looking for some Jeep hauler trailer ideas, here’s a list of toy haulers that you can investigate a bit more to see if your Wrangler will fit and if you like the overall design as well as to find out if the hauler will fit the rest of your needs when traveling as well.

One note here before we move on to the specific trailers. Your research into these models needs to be completed thoroughly.

You should not simply walk up to a salesperson and ask them what they think. While it would be great if we could believe the best of everyone, the world does not always work that way.

You should consider their motivations and you should always remember that just because the manufacturer limits are met, does not always mean you have a comfortable drive or that other factors may stop you.

If you are on the lot with a salesperson who is simply “going by the book” with the numbers, you may be led down the wrong path. Think about all the factors that go into towing a vehicle like the Jeep and you will come out farther ahead.

Augusta RV Weekend Warrior 4100W

This is a great example of an RV that may work quite well as a Jeep toy hauler.

You may be hitting very close to the length limit and that is the part that you will have to check on most closely, however the payload of the Augusta model is a healthy 6,000+ pounds so you should be able to handle the weight effectively.

This is a great model that puts the washer and dryer out of the garage and into the bedroom which means you have more garage space. That’s a plus if you are trying to squeeze every last inch out of the garage area for your vehicle.

This is a well-known brand and a hauler that has received a lot of nice reviews, so you should feel comfortable if you were looking to go this route as long as the specifications fit.

KZ Venom 4020DQ

The design of the KZ Venom is one of the most unique ones that can be found in a toy hauler. The Venom actually features a wall that stores up on to the ceiling so that the garage space can also be turned into a bedroom space.

That flexibility is amazing for getting the most out of the limited space you have and can allow for some pretty unique ideas if you are able to make that accommodation work for you.

The garage actually has plenty of length and storing a Jeep should not be any problem. This is probably the best Jeep hauler option on the list because of its sheer size.

The garage has a ridiculous 20’ measurement that is going to hold the Jeep Wrangler easily. (and almost any other car you would be looking to tow for that matter)

The payload rating is well within range as well being listed at over 5,000 pounds. If you have a heavier Jeep Wrangler, you’re still going to have to watch what you carry, but it’s certainly in a range that is completely feasible.

This is an awesome model that has an amazing design and should be recommended for everyone to at least take a look at the Venom.

While the wall to ceiling design may not be for everyone, it certainly has the amount of space that you are looking for if you are trying to haul a Jeep Wrangler.

Honestly, the only reason that someone may not be interested in the Venom is if they do not like that unique design idea that simply may not be for everyone, although it can be said that most people love it.

Grand Design Momentum 398M

The Momentum 398M is another option that has a ton of space when it comes to the length of your vehicle. With a garage that is listed at 216”, you should have plenty of room for your Jeep Wrangler to make it in the hauler with ease.

One problem is that the 216” measurement actually does not include the washer and dryer, so if you are going to store those in the garage area, you’re going to decrease the amount of space that you have.

Another issue with the Momentum is the payload rating. The 398M sits at 4,900 pounds which does put you in a healthy range for a Jeep Wrangler but could limit your options as far as what you have to work with if there is any extra weight.

Again, this is more of a personal and individual situation so you need to think about what you’re actually putting in the hauler and what is safe for your payload.

It’s got a nice design and the hauler overall has received some good ratings, so you would be safe in that aspect, it is all about simply making it work for you and your individual specifications.


Your options can be fairly limited when trying to find a toy hauler that your Jeep Wrangler can fit into. You need to find an appropriate model that can handle both the length and the weight of the Wrangler, which is a unique situation for toy haulers.

While there are models out there that can make the job work, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are operating within parameters that will keep you safe.

There are some well-rated models that can handle a Jeep Wrangler though, and it will come down to your mindset as far as if you are able to safely find a toy hauler that can handle the length and weight of your vehicle while also providing you with a design that you are happy to travel in.

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