Is A Ford Escape Cheap To Insure?

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When buying a new car, one of the most important things to consider is how much the insurance for it is going to cost you.

Ideally, you want to find a quality car, but you don’t want to pay a crazy amount of money for insurance each year.

A Ford Escape might be the car for you because of its cheap insurance rates.

A Ford Escape is a relatively cheap vehicle to insure being about $1,160 per year with full coverage. This means that it is roughly $280 for comprehensive costs, $430 of collision costs, and $340 in liability costs, give or take. These prices differ across insurance companies.

It is generally pretty cheap to insure a Ford Escape, and there are a lot of different reasons for this. 

It is important to understand how it compares to other SUVs, different insurance plans, and different companies, so keep reading!

Ford Escape Insurance Information

Before we get into all of the details of how the Ford Escape’s insurance compares to other SUVs and other companies, it is important to understand the average insurance information for the Ford Escape.

Knowing this will make it easier to compare to other SUVs, changes in insurance pricing, and differences in pricing between companies.

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Average Insurance Pricing

On average, as stated by QuoteInspector, insurance for a Ford Escape is $96 per month or $1,158 per year.

This price is based on average comprehensive costs, collision costs, and liability fees.

Comprehensive costs are meant to provide you with coverage when your vehicle is damaged by anything besides collision with another vehicle. 

Collision costs provide coverage for when your vehicle is damaged by a collision with another vehicle. 

Liability fees provide coverage for the other driver involved if you are “at fault” for an accident.

These prices are based on the average premium prices for full coverage.

Comprehensive coverage for the Ford Escape is about $268, collision costs are roughly $422, and liability fees are about $332. 

If you want liability-only insurance, that only costs about $388 per year.

Special Cases Insurance Pricing

While it is cheap to insure a Ford Escape when getting the premium insurance pricing, that price is not always the same. 

These prices can differ if you live in different areas, have teen drivers on the insurance, or if you have a record of accidents.

If you live in certain areas, the insurance prices for a Ford Escape can change. 

When you live in a pretty rural area where accidents are less common, insurance is much cheaper.

If you live in a city, however, your insurance will be higher because more accidents happen in densely populated areas with a lot of drivers.

Teen drivers can add a lot to an insurance policy.

Teen drivers and young adults are particularly susceptible to getting into accidents because they are inexperienced.

This makes it much more expensive when it comes to insurance. 

In addition, if you have a history of getting into accidents, especially if you are “at fault”, your insurance price will rise. 

This is so the company can be more prepared for a more likely accident to happen.

Other SUVs

While insuring a different kind of car can be cheaper than insuring an SUV, the Ford Escape is cheap to insure when compared to other SUVs. 

On average, it costs about $1,366 to $1,427 per year to insure most other SUVs while it only costs about $1,158 per year to insure a Ford Escape. 

This can save you $208 to $269 on car insurance per year!

While it is great news that the Ford Escape is so cheap, it also brings up an important question: Why is the Ford Escape so much cheaper to insure than other SUVs?

Why is the Ford Escape Cheaper to Insure?

The Ford Escape is quite a bit cheaper to insure than other SUVs, and for good reason. 

One of the biggest factors that contribute to cheap insurance for the Ford Escape is its safety ratings. 

The Ford Escape has great safety ratings based on the crash tests that Ford did before releasing the model. 

It received fives stars on overall safety, front safety, and side safety.

It also received four stars on rollover safety.

In addition to great scores on the crash test, the Ford Escape is just generally manufactured to be a safe vehicle. 

It is a low horsepower vehicle which makes it more low-risk than other SUVs with higher horsepower. 

Because the Ford Escape is so safe, it will cost insurance companies less when accidents happen, requiring less coverage from the consumer, which makes it cheaper to insure overall.

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How the Ford Escape is Priced With Different Insurance Companies

When it comes to insurance of any kind, there are a bunch of different insurance companies to choose from. It is no different with car insurance. 

While we have talked about the average price to insure a Ford escape, that can change across insurance companies, even for the premium, full coverage price.

The insurance company with the cheapest insurance price for a Ford Escape in many areas is Geico with an average price of $961 per year. 

Geico offers discounts on their policies frequently which helps with customer satisfaction. 

They also generally have very affordable prices and high financial stability. 

Unfortunately, while Geico is cheap, they have a high amount of customer complaints.

An insurance company with more average pricing on their Ford Escape insurance policies is State Farm. 

Their average price to insure a Ford Escape is $1,182 per year. 

This is a realistic middle-range price for Ford Escape insurance. 

State Farm has a fair amount of discounts and great financial stability. 

They have way fewer customer complaints, but their prices are generally less affordable than Geico or some other insurance companies.

One of the most expensive insurance companies to insure your Ford Escape through is Allstate. 

Their average insurance policy for a Ford Escape is about $1,377. 

They provide few discounts for customers but they have pretty good financial stability.

Unfortunately, customer satisfaction is pretty low and their prices are not very affordable for any variation of an insurance plan. 

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