Can A Chevy Colorado Be Flat Towed?

Thinking about towing a Chevy Colorado behind an RV? If so, you have to make sure your Colorado pickup truck is capable of being flat towed. I had to do some research on the subject and this is what I discovered.

Can Chevy Colorado be Flat Towed Behind An RV?

Yes, the 4-wheel-drive version of the Chevy Colorado can be flat towed if it has a neutral and 4WD low setting. If your Colorado is 2-wheel-drive, your Chevy Colorado cannot be flat towed.

Make sure you understand what version of truck you have before trying to flat tow your Colorado. Keep reading and I will share more about flat towing your truck.

Unfortunately, the same rules apply here with the Chevy Colorado as it does with other vehicles in its class.

According to the owner’s manual for the Chevy Colorado, two-wheel-drive (WHD) Colorado and Canyon models should not be flat towed.

As a side note, four-wheel drive (4WD) trucks must have a Neutral and a Four-Wheel Drive Low setting to be able to be flat towed.

If you are unsure whether you have a four-wheel drive (4WD) model or a two-wheel drive (WHD) then be sure to check your owner’s manual if you forgot.

Is Four Wheel Drive (4WD) On A Chevy Colorado Worth it?

When most people first read that you can only flat tow your Chevy Colorado if it is equipped with four-wheel drive, they probably felt frustrated. We understand the annoyance.

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (AWD) is pricey. There is a reason why they are not offered as the standard choice over two-wheel drive. However, there is also a reason why many buyers opt to pay more for four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

When it comes down to the million-dollar question of, “Is four-wheel drive worth it?” it really depends on…well, you. If you live in an area with difficult weather (snowstorms and heavy rain) or with rocky terrains or even both, then it is wise to invest in 4WD or AWD.

If you live in an area where it is sunny and warm all year round and the roads are paved, then there is no need to spend an extra $2-3,000.00.

If You have the 2015 through 2018 Chevy Colorado

 If you have an older Chevy Colorado model, the same rules apply: four-wheel drive is the way to go. However, we did want to note that you should be mindful of how old your car is and the condition it is in.

Just because your Chevy Colorado is equipped with four-wheel drive, does not mean that it will not get damaged (engine damage). If your car is known to break down or if you haven’t driven it lately, then it is best to gauge whether or not it will be able to be flat towed.

If You have the 2020 Chevy Colorado

If you have the 2020 Chevy Colorado and are wondering if it can be flat towed, the answer is yes. This question has been asked many times before. For example, here is a real question by a 2005 Chevy Colorado owner.

He wants to replace his older model with the 2020 Chevy Colorado and wants to know if it can be done. Here is his question in full detail:

I presently have a 2005 Colorado 4×4, which has been an exceptional tow vehicle, especially in the fact that the steering wheel does not lock, so I am not required to leave the key in the on position when towing.

I am now possibly looking to replace it and went and looked at the 2020 Colorado, noticed 2 differences with the key in the off position the steering wheel locks and instead of buttons to place the transmission into full neutral there is a dial that shows only 2 wheel high, 4 wheels high and 4 wheel low.

I went to your website and saw that the Colorados from 2015-18 were recommended for a good flat tow vehicle, so my question has something changed on the Colorados in 2019-20, that would not make a good tow vehicle, or has the website just not been updated to include those model years.

And if 2020 is recommended, do you have to leave the key in the on position to keep the steering free, or is there another way to free up the steering when towing besides leaving the key on.

 Now this question is such a common one because most owners do not want to trade in their older Chevy Colorado model if it means it cannot be flat towed.

Yet, as this expert replies with his answer, it can be done. All you need is to get the Chevy Colorado with four-wheel drive. Here is a snippet of his answer, the full answer can be found on ETrailer’s website, or simply click here.

Can The Chevy Colorado Be Flat Towed? Only if it is the right model to be flat towed

The 2020 Chevy Colorado 4×4 can be flat towed. The 2wd version cannot. The owner’s manual on page 300 states ” Only dinghy tow four-wheel-drive vehicles that have an N (Neutral) and a Four-Wheel Drive Low (4 (n) setting.”

On the dial you stated to the far-right should have an “n” for neutral. If it doesn’t you can’t tow it. It does require you to keep the key in the ACC position when towing to keep the wheel from locking but they do recommend disconnecting your battery so it isn’t dead from having this issue.

You can use a switch like the Roadmaster Automatic Battery Disconnect with Switch for Towed Vehicle w/ Supplemental Braking System # RM-766 to make that easy.

And there you have it, answered straight by a Chevy specialist. Also, keep in mind that any of this information above can be found with some little research on your end.

If you have your handy owner’s manual in your glove compartment (which if you are like many of us, your owner’s manual probably sat there the day you got your vehicle and has sat there ever since) pull it out and give it a quick read.

While we will admit that it might not be the most interesting, engaging, or enlightening read of the year…it does not diminish the fact that it is very useful and knowledgeable information.

It is an entire manual dedicated to your car, written by the people that help build it. No one knows more about your Chevy Colorado than the engineers that built it and the designers that help well, design it.

If you have just ten minutes to spare, it is more useful to sit there and read your car manual than it is to search the internet for hours looking for information that you already have on hand…or actually wherever you have placed your owner’s manual.

Is the GMC Canyon the Same as the Chevy Colorado?

         This is such a common question and it is asked frequently for good reason. The GMC and the Chevy Colorado have so many similarities that most car enthusiasts say it is the same car but are under two names. What do you think?

Here is what, Jon G, an expert at ETrailer has to say about it:

The GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado are practically the same vehicles with 2 different names. When it comes to flat towing they both have the same instructions and fits. For the 2015-2018 model years, you can flat tow a 4WD but you cannot flat tow a 2WD. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure it is a 4WD so you can flat tow it.

If you have a GMC Canyon and are wondering if it can be towed, then the same answer applies as with the Chevy Colorado. Make sure you choose a model that is equipped with a four-wheel drive.

We understand that there are advantages to two-wheel-drive models but if flat towing is important to you, then you will want to stick with the four-wheel models.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Both the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon, both are able to be flat towed as long as you have the 4-wheel-drive version where it can be shifted into neutral.

If you have a Colorado or Canyon truck with 2-wheel-drive, you will not be able to flat tow your truck. For this, you may need to explore dolly towing, or find a different tow behind vehicle.

If you want to know more about what vehicles work well for flat towing, here is more reading for you.

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