Here’s a Trick to Deep Clean Under Your Jeep

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Trick to Deep Clean Under Your JeepHere’s a trick I just learned to deep clean under your Jeep. I was amazed at how well it works, but BE VERY CAREFUL! (I’ll tell you why below)

With a 30-year-old Jeep Grand Wagoneer you know it has years of caked up oil, grease, and road grime. I have power washed under my Jeep countless times at the local car wash, but after rolling around under the Jeep this past weekend I was amazed at how much gunk is stuck to the underbody of the Jeep.

My ultimate goal is to get it clean and spray an undercoating on the Jeep. I am very fortunate to have a rust free Jeep and I want to keep it that way.

So here’s my trick…

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Power washing works, but to get up under the Jeep you need to elevate the Jeep somehow or crawl around under the Jeep with the power washer wand. Obviously doing it this way gets you soaked (ask me how I know).

I’ve tried professional grade degreasers like Meguiars Super Degreaser and they work well, but they often require a little scrubbing to get the caked on stuff to come off. (Tip: If you need to clean painted surfaces stick with the Meguiars.)

What if there was something you could just spray on, let it sit and the gunk would just fall off?

There is!

That’s why I am writing this post of course. The best part is you can buy it at your local dollar store. That’s right it’s only a dollar. If you don’t have a dollar store, don’t worry you can always order it from Amazon, but if you can get it for $1.00 why wouldn’t you. The brand does not matter.

So what is the product you ask?

Oven Cleaner Spray!

That’s right oven cleaner takes the gunk right off. BUT! and this is a MAJOR BUT…

DO NOT LET IT GET ON ANY PAINTED SURFACED!!! I repeat DO NOT get the oven cleaner on any painted surfaces. Not only will it remove gunk and grime, but it will also strip paint too.

Fortunately, my latest project requires that I move as much gunk as possible and this is the project I am going to share with you now.

I don’t have photos of where I cleaned under my Jeep, so I took the original spare tire out from under the Jeep and used it as an example. If you are cleaning under your Jeep, spray the oven cleaner and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing very well with water.

For removing paint, let it sit overnight and fully saturate the surface. I sprayed mine. Let it sit for an hour and then came back a sprayed it again before leaving it to soak overnight.

Here’s my spare tire during the cleaning. It was painted white and had lots of black road grime caked on it.

Here is what it looks like now:

You can still see a little white paint on the rim but it clearly stripped it down. If you brush it the paint just falls off like loose dirt! See how black the white wall is in the upper right-hand corner. That’s what most of the rim looked like. Not it doesn’t.

Just remember, don’t spray the oven cleaner on anything where you don’t want to strip the paint.

Hopefully, this trick to deep clean under your Jeep will inspire you to get out there and work on your rig.

Trick to Deep Clean Under Your Jeep

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