Top 7 Half-Ton Truck Campers

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As a camper truck enthusiast, you may be wondering if your half-ton truck is capable of hauling the most hard-sided camper truck. The answer to this question is a stern “No.”

Hauling a hard-sided camper truck has to account for the total amount of payload of the half-ton truck. Most of the half-ton trucks don’t have this payload amount to handle such a daunting task.

But some can, and you may be wondering then what campers are available for your half-ton truck.

What Are The Best Half-Ton Truck Campers?

The best campers for half-ton trucks include the NorthStar Liberty Truck Camper the Alaskan 6.5 Cabover. We’ve factored in weight, size, durability, and versatility to compile a list of the 7 best half-ton truck campers to meet whatever your specific needs will be while you’re on the road.

It is essential to understand that truck haul capabilities pertain to the payload it is designed for.

Looking at Ford, they produced a new range of trucks with outstanding capabilities. The release of a heavy-duty aluminum-bodied F-150 truck is a game-changer half-ton truck in 2015 is a perfect choice if you are looking for a truck that can accommodate very high payloads.

The features that come with the F-150 truck are some of the highest released within the last decade. 

Camper Trucks and Hauling Trucks

One of the main features that make this half-ton truck standout include a 3.5L Ecoboost gas engine that can get the truck to hold up to 2,700 pounds of payload. 

A 2,700-pound payload is an impressive figure for any half-ton camper truck compared to other half-ton trucks in the mass market, even at this time. The payload design is a rival even for trucks that are ¾-ton-based.

Compared to some of these ¾-ton trucks, the F-150 truck can exceed its capabilities. The entire system has been redesigned and upgraded to increase all its abilities.

This makes it stand out from the rest of the half-trucks being advertised for their uniqueness.

The upgrades are mainly designed to make hauls of truck campers with heavy loads anytime they are stuck or need transport to somewhere else. In terms of its market profile, it has been positively received as one of the best in the market. 

When selecting such a competent half-ton camper, you are sure not to have lots of brands out there that can give you all that you need.

Hard-sided trucks that are made to get hauled by your half-ton pick-up truck are hard to come by even with the recently released ones. Depending on your camper’s preferences, you can bet on the few available on the market.

You will need to explore as much as you can with a wet bath for the ones that will fit on a bare bed with just about 5 feet and 5 inches long.

If you are even looking for the ones with the new cable models, you may only find a handful of them even with cable functionalities since they are built by motor firms such as Travel Lite.

These preferences may not be a big issue considering most truck camper enthusiasts mainly already have or are planning to buy a robust, heavy-duty pick-up that can work with most camper trucks from many vehicle manufacturing companies. 

What To Consider In A Truck Camper

The weights and size of the camper for sure determine what kind of pick-up truck you may need.

And if you already own a pick-up truck, then you should make a comparison with other trucks and see what the best camper you can go for is.

Since the half-ton truck market growth, truck campers are getting into the whole camper ring development. 

Camper Truck Production

The production of camper trucks is a complex task; developing a perfect camper is another quality level. There are factors that you need to consider when making your camper purchase.

Making the decision can take time since you have to check all the necessary camper systems and features. Getting your camper should be your first milestone if you don’t already own one.

The complicated process of getting the perfect camper truck can be by-passed if you have all the models and their full capabilities.

Some of the factors that can determine your truck camper’s rating and ranking are; its holding tank specifications, handling, and the features you choose.

The following are the top 7 examples of truck campers that you can choose from for any of your half-ton pick-up trucks.

NorthStar Liberty Truck Camper

NorthStar Liberty Truck Camper is a model that is widely known across the country for its versatility.

The pick-up trucks that can accommodate this truck camper are the mini short-bed and short-bed half-ton pick-up trucks.

This camper’s presence in the market has changed the way all travel enthusiasts vision their truck camper. The floor plan of this Northstar liberty truck camper has some of the most versatile compartments.

They feature a spacious kitchen to provide you with the most functionality you can get in a truck camper. The dinette is L-shaped, giving you more space to dine whenever you wish to.

It also features a wet bath. Space can also fit a queen size bed with more room to store any other essentials.

Even with the low profile, there is much storage you get. Space also comes with a headroom of 6 feet and 4 inches.

The repository gives you an option to store as much as 5 gallons of propane. It comes with an addition of up to two AGM batteries.

The camper’s weight is a pivotal factor to consider, which you should compare to your pick-up truck capabilities. The entire weight is only about 1,775 pounds, which is light enough to be hauled by a well-built half-ton truck. 

The truck camper has a wooden wall-constructed outline as well as its entire frame. You can also utilize an insulation package that you get offered above the truck’s price point.

If a price point of about $24,000 is perfect for you, then you can never go wrong with this truck camper and all it has to offer.

The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover

The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover is as hybrid as it gets for any camper. Whether it is the pop-up or the hard side you are looking for, this camper has the best of both worlds.

Compared to the traditional trailer you may know, this camper has a perfect design with a pop-up top patented with a concrete wall.

The camper has an integrated hydraulic system used to lower and raise the top side of the cover. The process is relatively easy since you can use the setup switch whenever you need to adjust its functionality. 

Moving the top of the camper has all the advantages you can think of. When it is on the higher side, you can create so much space, allowing you to be more comfortable standing in the interior.

The camper is designed to have high resistance against harsh winds that you would encounter during your camping trips.

The dinette is designed with the best leather to make you comfortable when making use of the space. The ceiling has a paneling of wood and maple cabinets surrounding the entire room. 

With this camper, the counter space is more than you can wish for.

The amount of storage is generous for you to keep all you need throughout your camping and expeditions.

All the standard features and the weight is 1,390 pounds making it easier to be hauled by any decent size truck.

With a price point of just $29,000, you can enjoy the versatility in camper movements it has to offer, along with all other advantages that go with it.

Adventurer 80RB by ALP

The Adventurer 80RB developed by ALP is mainly unique since it is one of the only campers that can accommodate both long-bed and short-bet pick-up trucks. 

The camper is less pricey compared to other high-end trailers. It only costs about $19,200 as its base point.

Its 1,808-pound camper weighs perfect if you have a massive hauling truck to get you through any place you wish to travel to.

Its interior is attractive with an ambiance that you will look forward to being part of when you make your trips across the country.

A wet bath and a decent-sized kitchen are included with some of the best appliances such as a mini-fridge.

The camper has one of the best flip-out sofas that can save you so much space.

The flip sofa is convertible to a bed that can sleep as many people as possible. Its cabinets have a cherry theme that makes the whole interior look modern with a perfect homely feel.

Travel Lite 770R Super Lite

Since 1998, Travel Light has been at the forefront of producing some of the best truck campers within Indiana.

Its old-fashioned look and production process gives it a unique feel from modern designed trailers. 

Its interior cherry cabinets are one of the most attractive overhead cabinets you can get in a camper. The dinette structure is a face-to-face format with a small kitchen on the side.

Even with the small size of the kitchen, you still get many appliances, including a two-burner cooktop, propane-fired furnace, and a water heater tank that can hold up to 6 gallons of water at a time.

The camper also comes with different options that you can include for more convenience in your camper. Some of these options include an indoor shower, a solar panel with up to 80 watts of power, and a gel coat interior.

The cost of this camper is relatively affordable if you have just $12,580 to spare. A 1-year structural warranty also comes with the purchase of this incredible camper.

Capri Retreat

If you are looking for a lightweight track, Capri Retreat is an excellent example of what you can get with low weight.

It is a perfect match for your half-ton pick-up truck. The build is mainly made of wood with aluminum wrapped around to make it as light as possible while still keeping the entire camper’s structural integrity.

Depending on your needs, orders are made with a deked out option and or with the lightweight designed shell.

It includes a bed is also an option that is available for everyone. With a weight of 1,750 pounds, you can purchase it at only $21,845. 

Livin Lite’s Camplite 6.8

Camplite 6.8 is another excellent aluminum camper truck. For a small and lightweight camper, the Camplite 6.8 is an excellent release by Livin Lite.

A weight of 2,026 is right regarding all the features and benefits of the entire package. The floor length and the headroom are perfect for the essential functionalities of a convenient camper truck. 

The wardrobe is one of the largest you can get from any camper. It comes paced with a 19-gallon water tank with a waste tank that can accommodate up to 27 gallons at a time.

The exterior storage is one of the biggest for any conventional camper. If much outer space is one of the main features you desire, then this camper is the top choice. 

Aluminum campers do last for several decades. Such a feature is convenient if you would like to keep using your trailer for as long as possible with no need for replacements or significant repairs to keep it road-worthy.

Its exteriors are as attractive as it gets for any campers through the spray paints used in most of them.

Lance 650

Update on the Lance 650 might be what you are looking for in a camper due to its outstanding features.

The trailer comes with all the features that you might imagine are essential for a perfect camper truck. Together with a sink, it comes with a wet bath that is full-sized.

The kitchen size is also large enough to make all the preparations you need during your travels.

The dinette is also big enough for enough people to eat without feeling like they are cramped up in a tiny space.

The only drawback is the weight, so you may need to find a half-ton hauling truck that can make sure traveling with this camper is as convenient as it gets with no hurdles along the way.

Its $23,800 cost is good enough for the best features you are getting.

Half-Ton Truck Campers

For all the campers we have looked at, you are confident that they will serve you and accommodate all your needs under one package.

You can purchase them from a variety of motor dealers from any location you are situated in. They are all designed to give you the best time in any of your road trips.

Whichever camper type you choose, make sure you make the best out of each one of them.

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