20 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers

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So many people love camping and often assume that a tent and some gear is enough to have a great trip. While that is true, an off-road camper trailer can be a huge upgrade from that setup. Here is a list of the 20 top camper trailers on the market.

1. Opus OP15

First on the list is the Opus OP15. The OP15 is an off-roading camper trailer that has everything you may need. If you are no on a budget, then the OP15 should without a doubt be first on your list. The retail price for this trailer is $45,000 and it is worth every penny.

Although the trailer is large, it does not sacrifice its off-roading abilities.

The OP15 has “3 100ah AGM batteries linked to a 300watt solar system [to] keep you powered on the go. An articulating hitch sits at the end of a galvanized steel chassis to tackle the roughest roads with ease. Underneath there are twin shock absorbers and trailing arm independent suspension for each wheel.”


Below is a list of the perks of the Opus OP15:

  • Extendable rear
  • Pop up roof
  • 300-watt solar system
  • Slide-out stainless steel kitchen
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • King bed
  • Twin bunks
  • Shower and toilet
  • Dining area
  • Hot water system

2. Expedition 2.0

Second, on the list is Expedition 2.0. The Expedition is a great option for off-roading and is being sold for $26,900. This spacey trailer offers ample room all the while being compact enough to off-road.

Below is a list of the perks of the Expedition 2.0:

  • All metal
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • 31-gallon water tank
  • 55L refrigerator
  • Onboard fresh water tank
  • 1.2lb high-density memory foam mattress with zippered fabric top and vinyl underside
  • Powder-coated aluminum hot water on demand outside shower box
  • Roof rack and adjustable rear storage
  • Sink and stove
  • Dometic dual burner propane cooktop

3. North America Conqueror UEV-310

Third on the list is the North America Conqueror UEV-310. This camper trailer costs $29,990.

“[The UEV-310] is small enough to tow around town, tough enough to take on any terrain. If you need to tow light, have restricted storage space at home, or just prefer versatility … this bush-basher is built for battle!”


Some of the main features of the Conqueror are:

  • Comes with bed linen: a fitted sheet and cover as well as a doona.
  • Foldout military-grade rip-stop canvas tent.
  • PVC awning
  • Mesh on all doors and windows
  • A Caravan style groundsheet
  • Extra storage space
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 90-liter water tank
  • 2 military-grade jerry cans and holders
  • Aluminum ladder
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Spare wheel

4. Switchback

This is a really unique off-road trailer that has two galley configurations. It comes in 2 models and has a starting price of $19,900.

  • 12 Volt Fridge
  • 31-gallon water tank
  • High capacity propane tank
  • roof rack & rear storage
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Off-Road tires
  • Great suspension and electric brakes
  • Coated Aluminum body construction
  • LED Lighting Package
  • Solar Ready Port

It also comes with lots of additional options which will add to the camper overall. You can also add an additional storage package, a mini BBQ, portable solar, or an awning.

Source: Offgridtrailiers.com

5. Hiker Trailer Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

Coming in at number 5 we have yet another great camper with lots of great features to help you on all of your off-road adventures. It comes in two different sizes. The 5 by 8 model’s base price is $10,895 and the 5 by 9 model is $11,895. Below is a list of amazing features that this camper has.

  • Black Steel Fenders
  • Suspension with Shocks
  • 17 inch black wheels
  • 7 pin wiring harness
  • Varnished wood surfaces
  • 110 Volt Power Strip
  • Cabin and Galley light fixture
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Manual hand-crank roof vent
  • Integrated storage rack
  • Medium toolbox

There are also other great versions of the Hiker camper, without the additional off-road features. The information above was found here, and more information can be found through that site.

6. Australian Off-Road Sierra ZR

This camper is a micro camper, which means it’s small and along for any ride. It is actually Australian-made but costs about 19,050 American dollars. Here are some of its features:

135438851 l 20 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers
  • A large side-mounted kitchen
  • Slide our cooker placement (additional)
  • Slide-out BBQ
  • Stainless steel benchtops
  • Area for one or two rooftop tents (sleeps 2 to 4 people)
  • Roof rack
  • Roll out awning
  • Shower
  • Tents have enclosed canvas rooms
  • Unregulated solar panel input
  • LED lights, anti-bug, and dual-color
  • 60-liter water storage (or optional 140-liter tank)

Source: australianoffroad.com

7. Black Series HQ12

The new 2021 series of this camper runs at about $65,999. It comes with a whole lot of features to compensate for that price and has a beautiful interior and exterior.

  • Adjustable table and lounging beds/couches
  • Black leather on the sofa
  • Fly Screen door
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Slim lightweight air conditioning
  • 3 burner stove
  • Entertainment system including BlueTooth and USB.
  • External or internal shower
  • 50-gallon water tank
  • 2 stage pop-up canvas enclosure
  • Wind-out awning
  • 5-year structural warranty

Find more information here.

8. Forest River No Boundaries 10.6

This camper offers some unique features like a rear ramp door so that you can take a 4-wheeler as well if needed. Its base price is around $35,972. Some of the specs are below, we found them online here.

  • Inside and Outside LED lighting
  • LED Entry Step Light
  • USB Charging Station
  • Rear ramp door
  • Wrap-around awning
  • 60 by 82 queen bed
  • Rhino Roof Rack
  • Lots of ground clearance
  • 30-gallon water tank
  • 2 burner glass recessed stovetop
  • Air conditioning (optional)
  • 12 V LED TV (optional)

9. Bruder EXP-6

The Bruder camper is meant for the rugged off-road. It is also Australian-made and costs about 38,800 American dollars plus the shipping costs.

  • 170-liter internal water tank
  • Adjustable height and leveling
  • Remote control for lights and suspension
  • Lots of storage space
  • Electrical awning
  • Clothes Washer (optional)
  • External hot and cold shower
  • Made to be more aerodynamic and improve fuel economy
  • 2-way access kitchen
  • Swivel TV
  • Comfortable Couch
  • Climate Control
  • Ceiling window

It comes with a lot of really cool features which can be further explored on burderx.com (source).

10. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

Another great off-road camper coming in at number 10. This camper has no axles so you can take it down some crazy roads. Its starting price is $36,900 and has some amazing features and specs.

  • 14-inch ground clearance
  • Sleeps four people
  • Pop-up roof for ventilation
  • Axle-less trailer
  • ‘Lock N’ Roll’ hitch, with 360-degree rotation
  • Full-size bed and under the bed storage
  • 5 swing windows, shades, and screens.
  • Milkcrate drawers in Storage tower
  • 15-gallon freshwater, 16-gallon grey water
  • Portable toilet

Source: Taxaoutdoors.com

11. Kakadu BushRanger 200 XT

This camper comes at a great price and is perfect for a rugged adventure. Its starting price is $9,895.

  • Heavy Duty tires that are puncture-resistant
  • Reinforced canvas roof
  • Roll Edge to keep water out, and inside accessible window flap
  • Sleeps 4 to 5 people
  • Storage space
  • No kitchen unless you pay an additional $1,150.

Find more information here or on the Kakadu website.

12. Boreas XT 12

This camper comes equipped with its own power system and galley and starts at $18,900. It is a really hot seller and comes with great add-ons and an exterior look.

129649150 l 20 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers
  • Front Storage box
  • Mudflaps
  • 270-degree awning
  • Exterior LED lighting
  • Rear Camera
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Exterior shower
  • Composite and metal construction
  • Sleeps 4 adults
  • Queen Bed
  • Rear pantry storage
  • Fully insulated cabin
  • Overhead fan
  • 3 burner cooktop
  • Fold-down prep table
  • Fridge and Freezer
  • 50-gallon freshwater tank

Learn more about Boreas Campers here.

13. Mirror Lake Basecamp

Mirror Lake Basecamp is a very cute little camper that sells at a base price of $10,500. It doesn’t come with everything you need initially, but if you want to add things the price goes up, and the full package with all of its details will be around $19,000.

  • Lightweight
  • Lots of interior space
  • Rear galley
  • Great for tall people, high ceiling
  • Sliding modular storage baskets
  • 2 door living area

14. Schutt Industries XVenture XV-3 Trailer

This trailer is very durable and built to last, it comes with great features and claims to be ‘severe duty.’ Its starting price is $12,495. To find out more information about it visit their website.

  • Incredibly Durable
  • 10-year chassis warranty
  • Slide-out kitchen and table
  • Propane stove
  • Pressurized hot water
  • 22-gallon water tank
  • 360-degree lighting coverage
  • Rolling hardcover

15. TetonX Hybrid

The TetonX Hybrid comes with many great features and conveniences. It has similar features to some of the great trailers listed above. It has a base price of $13,995. Learn more about it online here.

  • 6’6 standing room
  • Different Bed Sizes – Some larger than a king-size.
  • Lightweight – only 2800 lbs
  • Customizable bunk bed configurations
  • Front and Rear slide-out kitchen with no needed set up. All-around kitchen.
  • Private hot shower
  • Lots of storage
  • Dining table inside
  • Wall-mounted TV.
  • Forced air heat

16. Airstream Basecamp X

The Airstream Basecamp X is a great option for those looking to upgrade from their classic Airstream Basecamp. The Basecamp X is an add-on package for those who own an Airstream Basecamp already. The original Airstream Basecamp averages a price of $36,900 and the X package is about $2,700 making it a total of about $39,600.

  • Large Rear cargo hatches
  • Flexible storage space
  • Lightweight
  • Solar window guards
  • Stainless steel rock guards
  • Black shadow wheel guards
  • 3-inch lift kit
  • Raised hitch jack foot pad
  • Full wet bath
  • Convertible benches to beds (up to 4 people)

17. Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

39557760 l 20 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers

The Do-Drop by Oregon Trail’R is a great option for those looking for a more lightweight, budget-friendly trailer. As the name suggests, the Do-Drop is a smaller trailer than the ones previously explored with a bed length of 78″ and an interior width of 47″. Coming in at a base price of $6,750, this trailer is a great option for those starting their camping obsession.

  • Average weight of 625 pounds
  • Textured black finish on chassis
  • Interior shelves
  • LED lighting
  • Convertible window coverings/outdoor tabletops
  • Ceramic disk heater
  • Roof rack
  • 12V electrical

18. Taxa TigerMoth Off-Road Camper

Taxa’s TigerMoth camper is another smaller trailer, but pricey because of its abundance of features. These trailers are available for about $12,990.

  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • Additional roof tent increases sleeping space to 5 adults
  • Large side hatch
  • Pullout kitchen with a 2-burner portable stove
  • Multi-purpose space
  • Roof rack
  • 5 gallon freshwater NATO can
  • Aluminum skeleton
  • Solar input
  • Electric brakes

19. Mobi Nomad Mobi X

The Mobi X is a much tougher camper than the original Mobi Nomad. Functioning similarly to a pop-up trailer without the hassle, the Mobi X starts at $29,000.

  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • 150-liter water tank
  • 15 amp Victron charger
  • 7 LED lights
  • 270 batwing awning
  • Roof tent
  • Full pullout kitchen
  • Fits in a garage
  • Stone protector
  • Canvas fold-out bathroom

20. Pando 2.0

As a heavier trailer of 2300 pounds, the Pando 2.0 by Off Grid Trailers comes in with a base price of $27,900, but the quality of it really makes it worth the purchase.

  • All metal and composite construction
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Water heater
  • Roof rack
  • Up to 33 gallons of water
  • Water heater
  • Stainless steel sink, folding faucet, countertop, and backsplash
  • Dual burner, propane cooktop
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Electric breaks
  • Zamp solar-ready port

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